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Facts About Hualien A Hidden Gem Of Taiwan

Hello all in this article we're trip to Taiwan and take a look at possibly the most beautiful and the least explored area of the country koala yen, first of all, why would you want to visit Hualien out of all the places in the world because it's one of the most underrated places.


Taiwanese indigenous people settle this island around the six thousand years ago just think about it these people lived here for thousands of years before anyone else came here all by themselves then came Spanish settlers in 1622 to pan for gold.

Then in 1851 came Han Chinese settlers who are mostly farmers today quale and county as a population of three hundred and thirty thousand people the largest city is quale and city now how do you get here I rented a car in Taipei and drove here but an easier way is to take the train just two hours and you here once you're here you can rent a scooter or car.

What makes wali in a special place today it's a mecca for organic food and small-town life it has a tropical rainforest climate and significant rainfall all year-round takes a lot of effort to do the countryside's work.

You are a very hardworking person not surprisingly much of the county's economic activity has to do with farming with one-quarter of the population employed in agriculture at the same time Hualian attracts many visitors for its natural environment cliffs a stunning blue ocean mountains and dense green jungle Taroko national park is one of the nine national parks, in the country and it has 27 peaks over 3,000 meters it was named after the Taroko gorge the landmark or each of the park.

That was carved by the Li Wu River, it's a popular place for hiking, and it has a good choice of trails did you know that Taiwan was created through the collision of the Philippine and the Eurasian plates some 4 million years ago driving through the park is absolutely beautiful and even scary at times because the road can get very narrow there are cliffs and tunnels and the possibility of rockfall.

You can make stops at different spots along the way to enjoy the scenery now let's enjoy some driving we are in the Taroko national park so let's enjoy the scenery let's drive around.

After driving for about 35 minutes it came to this place see on the temple is located in a peaceful in secluded place it's on a hill and requires some stairs climbing their wild monkeys in the area so going alone is up to you then I was back to the coast Qin Shui cliff is where you can witness the three distinct color tones that make up the Pacific Ocean.

Not-so-happy chinchou a cliff is a 21-kilometer length of coastal cliffs average and 800 meters above sea level if you love cynic drives look no further another wonderful spot is Chichen town beach it's one of the most gorgeous beaches in Taiwan the water is incredibly blue but sadly swimming here is not allowed because the current is very strong here so where can you swim luckily.

I had my friend, Peggy with me and she showed me some awesome places for swimming and here are our lovely guys Aquarian Hualien guy so if we want to busy if even once you see a wrong about Holly and can see me can find me all right good job Peggy the goons are newly family.

About a 30-minute drive south of Hualien city you'll find a handful of sand and pebble beaches, along the coast it's great for swimming in the summer and surfing in the winter I was visiting in October and I didn't see many people swimming my friend Peggy thought I was so brave to be swimming in the ocean.

Let's go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean shall we so piggy tell me where have you brought me well yes place yeah just an amazingly beautiful place I made a bit of a place you see that buy a ticket is that a popular place with locals yeah yeah okay and you see you can search the movie name silence you can see the beautiful place.

People, it was shot here yeah yes well no international movie silence yeah yes I'll have to look it up and watch it another popular location in this area is that Leo Lake which in English means carp lake which tells you that there are probably many carbs in this lake this is our driver.

I know hey how do I want to be moved on the lake is about 1.6 kilometers in length and 930 meters, in width making this the largest inland lake in quality and county there are various recreational activities such as light boat sailing paddle boats and different watersports.

Because of its fantastic scenic view fresh air, and plenty of well-maintained, bike trails quale and county is a popular destination for cyclists enthusiasts, and marathon runners coastal highway 11 is often listed as one of the best stretches of road in all of Taiwan.

Taiwan is a tea culture tea cultivation is a big part of life here along seems to be the most popular kind of tea and it's very affordable I visited a tea house in Hua Lian city blossom tea and made some friends along the way they told me everything about the benefits of drinking high mountain tea what is your favorite tea black tea yeah honey-scented black tea right over there here is an Ali mountain you can say the most famous mountain in Taiwan.

Yeah, Ali Mountain Valley Mountain okay oh that's what it says right Ali mountain honey-scented like tea, okay my name is Marin and my tea Stoughton name is the war Jack high mountain tea stall welcome you and how long have you been in tea business ITP this is about 20 years old.

You said your father is 86 now and he's been in the tea business since he was 11 yeah he 20 is that 11 she come to the high mountain and the crowded tea having the tea you work here, yeah and you also live here yeah, so you work and live in you know the same place yeah oh and your whole family lives with you yeah my father hung in here and my opponent here foreign country and the foreign country, have many many high mountain aquaria hi Monty is a pistol we call it a champion of the world T champion / ya T world so what makes this a great place to visit.

Well it's affordable first of all it's gorgeous, and it has a great choice of seafood the check for all the seafood you see on this table came to just about $35 it's a seaside cafe local the only problem is how are you gonna order from this menu I would have never figured out how to order from this menu cuz I don't understand anything.

Sadly the country has seen negative population growth over the past few years the region's economy is not doing so well which results in social problems such as unemployment and poverty nevertheless Hualien has great potential to promote its tourism if you love nature this place should be on your list it's one of the most cynic and naturally beautiful areas in Taiwan just picture yourself listening to the waves hidden to pebbles and looking at the amazing seaside landscape of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain ranges it will relax your mind and body like a hidden thysen therapy so what do you guys think.

Did you like Hualien let me know what you think in the comments if you've never been to Taiwan you should visit that's one of the best countries in the world.

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