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Facts About Macau China The Las Vegas Of Asia

Everyone knows the Americans Sin City Las Vegas but who would have thought that the largest gambling center in the world in terms of revenue is in Asia let's take a look at what it looks like today hey guys and in this story we're going to take a look at Macau and see what it looks like today. so let's go ahead and start the story.


Macau is located on China's southern coast 60 kilometers west of Hong Kong the territory consists of the Macau Peninsula and two islands Taipa and cologne as well as khatai which is a major area developed and reclaimed land between, the two islands let's take a look at the history of this place originally McHale was a small Chinese village and it did not develop as a major settlement until the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century.

You still see the heavy European influence in many ways that you generally don't find anywhere else in Asia like Portuguese street signs after the Second World War, refugees from mainland China were fleeing from the Chinese Civil War and this enabled the Macau economy to grow as the colony expanded its clothing and textile manufacturing industry developed tourism and legalized gambling in 1962.

Macau was transferred back to China in 1999 after 442 years of Portuguese rule as a special administrative region Macau is going to maintain separate governing, and economic systems from that of mainland China until 2049 and you can see that today all travelers come into Macau from Hong Kong and Mainland China must pass border control.

Just like, everybody else the population of Macau today is six hundred and sixty-seven thousand people, it is one of the most densely populated regions in the world with a population density of 21,000 people per square kilometer in Monaco, for instance, it's 18,000 per square kilometer what about the economy.

In the 20th century, the gaming industry here operated under a government licensed monopoly, but in 2002 the government ended the gambling monopoly, and it allowed bidding for casino licenses to attract foreign investors, and this triggered a period of rapid economic growth today Macau's gross gaming revenue is roughly three times that of Las Vegas.

For example, in 2018 it was 37 billion for Macau and only 12 billion for Vegas at present Macau is the only place to gamble in all of China in 2016 31 million tourists visited the place which is nearly 48 times the population of local residents in 2019 Macau's GDP per capita reached a staggering 81 thousand dollars.

You might think that everybody's wealthy well not really because there's a high level of income disparity looking at these apartment blocks you wouldn't say these people are rich would you a lot of run-down Luqa neighborhoods once you step outside of the tourist areas the predominant language here is Cantonese Chinese.

How do you get to Macau it has its own International Airport, but most tourists come here through neighboring, Hong Kong from which you can get here by ferry, or by bus and it takes about an hour but the bus is cheaper in 2018 the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau bridge was opened 51 kilometers long of which 6.7 kilometers is an underwater tunnel this unique structure is clearly visible from the planes urine Landin or during a trip in a cable car in Lantau Island in Hong Kong this project was immediately labeled as the white elephant in the Pearl River because there is not much traffic.

Here and it will never cover its costs public transportation is well-developed buses run frequently, and their routes covered the entire city you pay the fare, and you enter the bus cars drive on the left side unlike in China or Portugal taxis are affordable the only downside is you have to pay in cash, and the local currency is the polka, but most places accept Hong Kong dollars as well let's talk about gambling there are 38 casinos today, and most tourists that come here today hoping to hit the jackpot are from mainland China, the casino stay busy all the time, and they're doing everything to attract tourists to spend money on their premises let's take a look at some of them the Venetian.

It's the largest casino in the world it's a luxury Hotel and Casino Resort owned by the American Las Vegas Sands company the hotel uses Venice Italy as its design inspiration and features architectural replicas of various Venetian landmarks you can go right in in a gondola lesson into Venetian songs while through the canals.

Miss boa casino it's one of the most popular and all these here you can see the exhibits from the private collection of one of the founders of the city's gambling industry and a local celebrity Stanley hope this guy has been given different nicknames like Godfather and king of gambling because he held the government granted gambling monopoly for 75 years.

Today he owns 19 casinos in Macau, his ninety-eight years old and he has 17 children now besides Macau he does business all over Asia, and you'd be surprised he even has a casino in North Korea in 2006 the fabulous when Macau Casino was open there is a musical fountain show in front of the casino every 15 minutes in the evening like I said the casinos are going out of the way to attract customers.

Now if that wasn't enough to impress you they're offering a cable car for free the ride takes about ten minutes, and it's worth it especially at night because you'll be traveling over the fountain show guess what this ride will take you directly to the casino entrance there are many other casinos in the city like City of Dreams Casino with its water circus trow the Parisian.

Casino with its Eiffel Tower and many many others what is the main difference between Macau and Las Vegas people go to Las Vegas to have fun and gambling is optional now people in Macau go mostly to gamble, and the fun part is optional the people who come to Macau generally have a lot of money and the minimums are in many instances double a triple that which you find in Vegas backer ups, and cig boat are the games of choice here as they seem to take it the vast majority of the casinos face what's there to do in Macau besides the casinos sightseeing, of course, the Senate square or the Senado square is part of Macau.

UNESCO historic center it's generally packed with tourists who come here to admire the famous wave-like mosaic-tiled pavement and the colonial facades of the surrounding buildings hugging the square you'll find the Senate building a former Portuguese government house now it's the city administration this building is the holy house of mercy it's a medical clinic built-in 1569.

But now it's a museum, and other colonial-era buildings head deeper and the pathway will take you into commercial chaos full of shops and street food if you survive that you'll be rewarded with a series of churches including sin Domingo's church built in 1587 and overseen by three Spanish Dominican priests and the famous ruins of st. paul's famous facade is all that remains of a 17th century Church.

Which was devastated by a fire in 1835 in its heyday st. Paul's was considered the Vatican of the Far East behind the facade is the Cathedral of the Museum of religious art to the right of saying polls you'll find monte fort or Fortaleza Dimanche literal meaning is big fortress it's a 16th-century fort a historical military.

Center of Macau from here you get beautiful views of the city, and there are plenty of cannons everywhere for some strange reason they didn't want me to film here nowadays it can be sometimes a challenge to find the old Macau under the ever-growing shadow of casinos and hotels that have come to define modern Macau however there is still a lot of streets they maintain a real connection to the past quad the Felicidad and Portuguese it means Street of happiness yet in its past as the heart of the city's red-light district.

It's now one of the most popular streets for discovering local delicacies and souvenirs kudos Edwin arias is another narrow pedestrian street in Portuguese style here you'll find traditional Chinese shops souvenir shops and small craft beer bars, Dom Pedro Theatre built-in 1860 one of the first western-style theaters in East.

Asia the Macao government headquarters it's the official office of the chief executive built-in 18-49 the two-story pink facade structure is one of the historic properties preserving Portuguese influence in Macau the modern residential part is full of high-rise building standing side by side many steep streets just like in Portugal and balconies with all the bars that look like birdcages Nihao.

You can visit Macau tv-tower especially, if you love adrenaline there are two attractions here skywalk and sky jumper from my trip to Sochi did you say this is the world's highest yes at the moment do altimeters 223 meter of 230 333 meters it's not cheap a bungee jump that will cost you four hundred and fifty dollars thanks to a lot man you hope you get some customers one of the cool places in Macau is Fisherman's Wharf.

This complex includes over 70 stores and restaurants built in the different styles of the seaports around the world, Lisbon, New Orleans, Cape Town, and Amsterdam, they even have a replica Coliseum a beautiful place to come in the evening.

Now few tourists come to the southern part of Macau too bad in my view it's one of the best parts the lone village this island used to be a haven for pirates who sought shelter in many of its coves provides a wonderful break from the crowded and busy Macau Peninsula cologne also has two of Macau's best beaches serenity no crowds of tourists and no street vendors you can get here by taxi or by bus you can relax on the beach enjoy the views of the mountains and cliffs admire the luxury villas standing on the shore.

Where are you from Macau oh you're local cool you like living in Macau what do you like about Macau the culture great friends have you guys never been here before to here now we're in Macau do you live in in the old Macau is where I'm staying in the hotel doing a little vlogging you know beautiful this local guy has seen me with a camera invited us to take a look at his garage and show us his collection of cars, yeah I'm doing this little video about Macau, okay is that your house Oh beautiful looks great.

Well, who knows maybe he's one of those lucky gamblers what's your favorite car the red one cuz it's a convertible unfortunately not everybody speaks good English here so we couldn't have a conversation and as the Mercedes - yeah that's how we live in Macau you live in large many beautiful temples in the area both Buddhist and Christian narrow streets will lead you to the Chapel of San Fran sees a via built-in 1928.

You know this kind of graffiti I don't have a problem with everyone wants to take a photo at sunset this place is impressive are you guys from Macau what's your name nice to meet you tell me some of the things you like about living in Macau what do you like about living in Macau food the people what's your favorite food Portuguese what dish.

Curry chicken okay means okay we'll have to try that little out it's all restaurant in Bangkok okay I'll find that okay oh you'll send it to me that's right hello I'm Jenny hello I'm Rosa welcome to the cow welcome to my castle I fry yes let's take a walk either enough florists and parks in Macau, yes the entire southern part of the island is nothing but mountains parks beaches and the jungle for animal lovers there's also a zoo.

Where you can admire giant pandas and red pen food in Macau is based on both Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines this is Portugal up they invited me to step inside and technical winery.

Just so you know if you decide to try some local food many dishes on the menu are bigger than you expect them to be and Ament for a company of four to six people so instead of one serving you get this when it comes to street food egg tarts are popular so all the things that people recommend trying it's a dessert.

Have some eggs in it and some other cool stuff tasty you know to make sure to try that Street shops are offering to taste a local delicacy called black box this is jerky salty-sweet sometimes spicy meat usually pork a pork chop bun is one of those popular and famous snacks in Macau it has been described as the mekinese version of a hamburger so let's sum it up Macau is on its way to becoming the city with the highest GDP per capita in the world so what's the secret.

First of all its monopoly on the gambling business in China because one and a half billion Chinese people as a customer is no joke in addition international tourists are attracted for the cultural heritage of poor Jia Macau does not have any serious issues with Beijing in December 2019 see Ching bean visited Macau in honor of the 20th anniversary of a session to have big plans for Macau we want to open a stock exchange here and turn the city into a financial center as well as give it more land of the neighboring island many consider this as a gift for good behavior because there haven't been any anti-government protests like in neighboring Hong Kong so what do you think about Macau would you like to visit let me know in the comments...

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