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Facts About Shenzhen China Silicon Valley Of Asia

Hey guys and welcome to Techsnsoft now look at this picture and this one and of this one and of this one what's the one thing they all have in common it's one in the same city welcome to Shenzhen China located on the southern coast of China just 40 years ago.


Shenzhen with a humble fishing village today it's population is way over 12 million and its skyline bristles with skyscrapers can you believe that today the city is a leading global technology hub sometimes called China's Silicon Valley it's one of the fastest-growing cities in the world so what makes it different from other cities of China.

In 1980 China designated Shenzhen as a special economic zone to be an experimental ground for market capitalism to attract foreign investment, unlike other cities in mainland China that were based on a planned economy.

Russia has several major parts the European part, the South the Urals Siberia, and the Far East 77% of the population lives in the European part of the country, and here it's mostly uninhabited the most typical landscape of Russia.

For 2016 according to the International Monetary Fund, Russia ranks 12th in terms of nominal GDP, the economy is predominantly based on raw materials, which comes as no exiting knowing the enormous natural reserves of Russia.

Later the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was established which has a current market capitalization of 2.5 trillion dollars, and it's the eighth largest in the world in 2018 Shenzhen surpassed Hong Kong's economy for the first time and its economy is now worth three hundred and sixty 1 billion dollars making it the third-largest in China after Shanghai and Beijing.

The city is known for its high tech industry Shenzhen is home to several prominent tech firms such as Huawei and $0.10 as well as financial institutions such as China Merchants Bank and Penang insurance and p9 bank also auto manufacturer beat yd is located here actually 25% of stocks of which belongs to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway the port of Shenzhen ranks as the world's third busiest container port.

China has been the world's largest auto manufacturer since 2009 in 2016 annual vehicle production China accounted for nearly 30 percent of worldwide vehicle production which exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined want to take a peek at the latest models this brand is called neo which is based in Shanghai and that's another brand impressive part is it made in China, and it's an electric car now you said it's only for the domestic market and when are you guys planning to export.

It to other countries planning to do that yeah it's a new independent to our brand Wow what's the brand name, oh wow right so it's the new Tesla the cities ranked the third in the world in terms of the number of buildings above 150 meters after Hong Kong and New York City in 2016 there were more skyscrapers completed in Shenzhen than in the whole of the US and Australia combined the tallest building is the 599-meter tall peen and Finance Center which is also the second tallest in China and the fourth tallest building in the world.

Let's go to the observation deck and take a look at the city from above whoa watch on Bay district is the biggest electronics market in China you can find anything spare parts computers cameras drone speakers anything related to computers phones and technology you can get some incredible deals on this street just to give an example this Mavic 2 pro costs 9800 renminbi which is about $1,400 check your local prices to see if that's good enough for you.

You know I was walking in this area about 10 years ago, and back then China did not have major brands, and now they got Huawei they got DGI as a drone manufacturer, and they got all kinds of other I have a corner 6 which is a Chinese brand interestingly I was visiting this place back in 2010, and it's been 10 years now so let's see what's changed and what's changes that in 2010 it was mostly products of other brands that they were selling copies of other brands and fake iPhones.

But what you see today is different you see official stores of well-known Chinese brands represented in this street such as Apple which is a consumer electronics and mobile communications company DJI which is the world-leading manufacturer of drones Huawei which is a company known for consumer electronics and smartphones ZTE is a multinational telecommunications equipment company Salmi is a company that produces smartphones mobile apps and laptops and many other local companies besides this electronics treat Shenzhen has numerous shopping malls and commercial areas including Koko Park the Pacific Mall the Koko City and just about in every street some business activities are going on.

For example on this street not far from the hotel that I was staying at they were specializing in custom LED and neon signs you want to sign just like Apple or Google sure they have it for you many many stores selling different goods Schengen is huge and there are nine districts all together so let's take a look at some of them Fujian.

Fujian is a government and financial district it has a good choice of international schools, shopping malls, and nightclubs this is where you will find Shenzhen library changing people's government building, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre lots of skyscrapers including pain as I mentioned earlier at the same time there are a lot of parks we met this really friendly local guy, and he showed us around taking us to even his favorite gyms I don't know why he thought it was interesting.

I actually made a full interview with him, but the file got damaged unfortunately but basically what he said is he loves living in Shenzhen, and he loves the way the city is developing, he's working two jobs and is enrolled in MBA program at the same time and is it ambitious go get it to the type of guy you know now this is our guide for the day oh thank you.

Yeah self-driving Swiffer cool I love it another district is Nanshan it has one of the most popular city sites SeaWorld it's not the American SeaWorld in case you wondered, but it's a popular hangout area with a variety of restaurants and bars with a good choice of Western and European cuisine it's a nice place to take a stroll around the square have a cup of coffee at one of the local cafes and see an IMAX movie with friends.

SeaWorld is most well known as the place of many of the ex-pats in Shenzhen the centerpiece of SeaWorld is the min clock which once was a cruise ship this ship now hosts a four-star hotel some restaurant bars coffee shops and the movie theater every night there are two-minute fountain shows that take place next to it nice to meet you - nice to meet you.

Let's take a look at another district a Tian if you're our priority is living near the beach and you don't mind living far from the city center you might like this neighborhood here you will find Shenzhen OCT resort it's a huge 9 square kilometer resort with cable cars to funiculars and a train.

Here you can enjoy the western-style buildings and streets, which make you feel like your traveler in the European country just unbelievable to find a mini Europe in the middle of China some people spend entire Shenzhen trips in Oct and it's easy to see why rollercoasters show and water parks you can spend a day on water rides exploring a tropical rainforest or navigating ecological landscapes.

I, say Niihau the highlight of the park is the pinnacle skywalk, I'll be honest some of those water rides are tons of fun.

At a 15-minute walk away from the park, you can soak in the Sun at the Dalmatian Beach Denisha is a coastal town best known for its Beach. you see those angels cultures on the beach well this part of the beach was closed in 2019 but I still have some footage from 2010 so let's take a look there is a five-star shirt and resort located here with its own private beach the Mesa international yard club is right beside it I bet it's not the kind of China that we used to see rent in the odd in case you wonder is about 8,000 renminbi or $1,100 an hour.

Shenzhen has a lot of super-rich people 39 billionaires today no wonder there's the demand for nice things like the arts and vacation homes there's also beautiful Outlet Center that looks like a small European village but located on the outskirts of one of the busiest cities in Asia it's a really nice area there's some cafes and Starbucks there's a pond with bridges their exotic birds.

And if you keep walking along the coast you will find yourself in the part of town where there's a lot of fish restaurants nimisha is part of Schengen and it's famous for the seaside resort, and also it has this well the park of course, and he's a strong man do you speak English.

A little bit let's take a look at some of the footage from 10 years ago, back then it was just the beginning this place is pretty far away from downtown area about 40 minutes by taxi and the ride will cost you 10 to 15 u.s. dollars all right back to the city.

Don man pedestrian street might be the busiest place in Schengen the street spans several blocks and consists of several malls markets it's a shop in Haven here you can find anything from food to close things are cheap, and with a little bit of bargaining, you can probably get very good deal plenty of food options - la Gia and Scheibe metro station we'll take you here now let's take a look at some of the parks Liang huashun park is a hill and an urban park covering an area of 150 hectares or 370 acres it's within walking distance from children's palace station kite-flying is a popular activity at this urban park the whole park is covered by a lot of tropical subtropical trees and plants including some rare ones it's got the whole package all that makes for a great family getaway in the big busy city.

The park is centered by the 350-foot hill with a bronze statue of politician Dan south ping at the top that's the guy that initiated the market reform you know you know have I missed anything in terms of the sights, of course, there are so many sites to be explored like the window of the world with its 130 reproductions of some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world according to a 2010 survey approximately 37 percent of Shenzhen residents we're practitioners of Chinese.

Folk religions 26 percent were Buddhists 18% were Taoists 2% Christians and 2% Muslims and 15% were non-religious do they speak good English here well after visit an English-speaking Hongkong I'd have to say not so much you'd have a hard time at least I did when it comes to crime Schengen is a safe city China as a whole is several times safer than the US when it comes to violent crimes and murders there are still some local gangs known as Triads corruption is a significant problem in China.

Transparency International's 2017 corruption perception index ranks the country 77th place out of 180 countries Shenzhen has an extensive public transportation system, the Schengen Metro which is called just like in Hong Kong MTR and it's run by the same company serves as the city's rapid transit system the total length is 303 kilometers a client's, and 215 stations but by 2030 this network is planned to be 8 Express and 24 non Express lines 1,100 kilometers.

The average daily metro ridership in 2016 was 3.5 million people the city made headlines when it decided to operate an all-electric bus system it's an impressive achievement especially considering the size of the city's fleet which totals 16,000 vehicles that is more than the combined number operating in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, New Jersey, and Chicago Wow as of January 2019 the conversion of Shenzhen's taxi fleet to electric vehicles reached 99% electric taxes have a blue and white color scheme petroleum fuel taxes are colored either green or red private car ownership has been on the rise in Shenzhen with the city.

Having over three million cars in 2014, in response to the city imposed limits on car purchases to reduce traffic, and pollution the purchase of electric cars will be determined by a lottery while traditional cars will be determined both by a lottery and a bidding process.

When it comes to weather Shenzhen is located near, the Tropic of Cancer and it has a humid subtropical climate influenced by monsoons winter is a dry and mild it never gets below zero their relation with the neighbor in Hong Kong is that both cities have close business trade, and social links but daily commuters still need to pass through customs and immigration checkpoints every day are there any downsides my one way of course as elsewhere in China you will see a huge presence of police on the streets and in the subway like it's some kind of emergency some of the policemen are carrying some scary equipment that looks pretty evil you will see armored vehicles for no particular reasons parked along the city streets.

I was walking with a camera, and I was always worried if they're not gonna like it for some reason they don't accept international payment systems like Visa and MasterCard instead they use Union pay and WeChat which is a messaging app and a payment system at the same time but to use that as a foreigner you have to have a Chinese bank account which most foreigners don't have everything is under surveillance there are cameras everywhere, and rumor has it that China has been increasingly becoming strict and foreigners living here famous Chinese firewall you can't access Instagram Facebook and YouTube with the Chinese SIM card so unless you bought it.

In Hong Kong then you're gonna be fine you can rent a car in China even if you have an international driving permit you'll need a Chinese driver's license needless to say the last thing you want to do in China criticizes the CCP which stands for it Chinese Communist Party after visiting I have mixed feelings about Schengen sure the city has only been around for 40 years and being so extraordinary on it has accomplished so much by becoming so modern state-of-the-art but living here there's a lot of sacrifices involved what do you guys think about Shan would you like to visit let me know in the comments below thanks for reading.

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