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Interesting Facts About Doha Qatar

Hello, Friends today we are gonna talk about one of the smallest countries in the world, but it has the highest per capita income in the world.


We're going to talk about Qatar and its capital Doha where's Qatar located it's located on the peninsula and the Persian Gulf its area is 11 and a half thousand kilometers which is about half the size of the state of New Jersey the population of the country is 2.8 million people and the population of its capital Doha is nine hundred and fifty-six thousand people.

Today Dell has known for its futuristic skyline and modern architecture inspired by Islamic design such as the Museum of Islamic art before coming here I had this impression that everyone here must be extremely wealthy and that every other.

Friends have a Ferrari well of course is no shortage of luxury cars in the streets as well as villas and yachts but not to the extent that I was expecting in fact, after two days I only saw one Ferrari.

Hi, welcome to the guitar, the locals here make up about 15% of the population, while the remaining 85 are foreign workers the population is growing fastly high salaries and the oil tourism and construction industries are bring a lot of foreigners first let's point out some cultural aspects.

Guitars legal system is a mixture of civil law and Sharia law for example adultery is punishable by 100 lashes Wow that must hurt in some cases Sharia-based family courts treat the woman's testimony as being worth half that of a man also polygyny is permitted if you are in Qatar you're one of us says a sign urgent tourists - dressed modestly and I agree a little bit of respect will go along.

Foreigners should avoid displays of affection and women should keep their shoulders, and knees covered alcohol consumption is limited, and it's limited to some five-star hotels that are allowed to sell it this hotel Sheraton grande with a distinctive pyramid shape was the first five-star hotel in the city built back in 1979.

Now a day the business district of Doha the West Bay Area, looks futuristic and it's mostly, seen from knish promenade this spectacular promenade stretches for seven kilometers along the crescent-shaped Bay you can take a boat ride in the traditional dole boat should be fine, but surprisingly the streets feel so empty why is that I think is because the city was developed for motorists you either drive here or you use a taxi pedestrian are not the biggest priority to cross the road.

Sometimes you have to wait for like five minutes for the traffic light to change it's kind of frustrating what's the recent history of Qatar in the 19th and early 20th centuries Qatar was part of the Ottoman Empire later it was under the Protectorate of Great Britain until it claimed its independence in 1971.

So, fifty years ago the main industries were fishing and pearl hunting there is even a large oyster in Pearl statue on the south end of the Cornice but all of that changed once they discovered oil today oil and gas industries account for 55 percent of the country's GDP Qatar is likely to have one point five percent of the world's proven oil reserves and thirteen percent of the world's.

Natural gas capital it's also the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas at the pump station is affordable it's even cheaper than in the UAE forty-five cents per liter or one point six dollars a gallon the current Emir of Qatar is 2 min bin Hamad Al Thani, and you can see his portraits on many buildings.

He's pretty young he's just 39 years old those who are interested in the world news are probably familiar with Al Jazeera news network. but few know that it was founded here in 1996 by the Qatari government in June 2017 Qatar found itself in the center of a diplomatic crisis when Saudi Arabia along with Bahrain Egypt in the United Arab Emirates and some other countries.

Severe it all ties with guitar claiming that Katara was supporting some bad guys and military groups aimed at destabilizing the region they closed off their air spaces territorial waters and land borders to Qatar Saudi Arabia even wanted to go as far as building a water canal that would separate the two countries and turn Qatar into an island Qatar denies all of those claims it's politics so it's gotta be controversial so I'm not taking sides meanwhile Qatar is in full swing preparing to host the greatest football event in the world World Cup 2020.

It's a huge responsibility this will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world matches will be held at eight stadiums seven of them are being built from scratch but what about the alcohol restrictions you might ask what are the football fans gonna do with that beer at the time of the championship.

The sale and consumption of alcohol will be legalized but mostly limited to fan zones because Doha has a hot desert climate and temperatures in the summertime can easily reach 50 Celsius for the first time in history the World Cup will be held in November and December this in front of you is a giant statue of Horry the aurochs.

That was the mascot for the 15th Asian Games which took place in Doha back in 2006 the stadiums will be connected by the Metro which was specifically built for the World Cup the metro was opened in May 2009 and it's fully automated, for now, it has three lines and 37 stations.

But eventually Doha Metro will have four lines and around a hundred stations for the entire network, we're in Qatar and we're trying to use the subway let's see if we can do it three adults Whitney so yeah okay now I got paint all right they told me it's possible to pay with the card I'll see if I can do that for one u.s. a dollar you get three-point six local currency okay, take your travel cards great beautiful agama cards.

Let's go train cars have different classes, standard class family class and gold class one trip in standard class cost about half a dollar if you decide to explore and just jump on the subway and travel a few steps away from the city center the Metro will be traveling above the ground and all you can see from the window is the endless desert road intersections and oil refineries Qatar is working hard to make it a popular tourist destination they had 1.8 million international visitors in 2018.

The cruise industry continues to grow at a rapid pace with guitar welcome in 31 ships in 2018 which was an 83 percent increase compared to 2017 at the same time Qatar Airways operates a hub-and-spoke network linked in over 150 international destinations from its base in Doha so when you come to know how what are the sights what are you going to do well you can start by visiting.

Qatar cultural village it's a huge cultural City made in the style of old Arab buildings that has museums and galleries there are a lot of sculptures and installations and the City Beach another location you might want to visit is the Pearl of Qatar built on reclaimed land it's a high-end luxury neighborhood that features Mediterranean style your client marinas, luxury residences, and hotels as well as top brand name boutiques cafés and restaurants walk around the prominent.

And you'll see rolls of yachts moored on the pristine water you can also take a water taxi across the porter or a BIA Marina I found it a bit strange again that there weren't too many people there so it felt like being on a film set the cool thing about this island is that it will feature the world's largest district cooling plant it's going to be a hundred and thirty thousand Thanh district chilled water plant that will serve the cooling needs of all buildings on the island this is one of the few areas in Doha.

Where foreigners are allowed to buy real estate as a bonus, they're automatically granted residency which extends to the owner's family for the whole duration of the owner how are you good.

Just to give you a price range a two-bedroom apartment at Seaview will be around four or five hundred thousand dollars what lovely weather I love the birds singing it's quiet it's peaceful welcome to Qatar winter this is what it looks like it's really comfortable it's about 21 Celsius it doesn't really get too cold here but just wait till March comes then it's gonna be extremely hot and during the summertime, it's gonna be 50 and above Oh got to get out of here before that Doha will surprise you the last thing that I was expecting to see was an 88-hectare park called aspire park and it's the biggest in Doha.

It's a huge park with fountains a pond and some workout spot nice boxing now would you believe this is a guitar I mean 20 years ago this was a desert and now you see all those parks and people exercising wow that is impressive hi all I've come to Qatar is the wonderful price we're here ok so you can enjoy a lot of here ok all right that's tough luck in the evening it's a good idea to visit some traditional markets like sake this is my spelling Oh your favorite yes because a star is dark on dark a star is shining I'm also dark now saying thank you from India okay that's good.

The place to shop for some souvenirs it also has a lot of nice-looking traditional and amazing architecture and it gives you an idea what the city might have looked like many many years ago prices are usually negotiable so practice your bargaining skills there are a lot of restaurants some shisha bars an area you know it's a typical thing in this country to find a shisha bar and smoke some fruit-flavored tobacco cross the road you can visit Museum of Islamic art calligraphy.

Islamic patterns jewelry and textiles from three continents make up its vast collection with some of its items dating from the 7th to the 19th centuries the population of the city is small and the ex-pat community is even smaller new arrivals can easily make friends by taking up a sport or starting a conversation with the neighbors excuse me is this a CrossFit training no no just no more kind of Bootcamp training oh just like circuit training boot camp stuff oh cool 30 seconds left.

It's warrior fit wear if it was that, yeah a new gym opening in Laguna mo we do outdoor, and then we'll do indoor once the gyms open awesome Thanks.

Shopping malls seem like the obvious choice when you want to escape from the heat one of the most well-known is the Venetian inspired Bellagio mall which has over 200 stores however its endure canal is the main attraction here you can take Akintola ride and look up at the painted blue sky with scattered clouds.

Another popular shopping mall is city center Doha, it's the largest in Qatar it offers a large and diverse shopping experience, and it has a multiplex cinema a bowling alley and even an indoor ice skating rink some of the favorite activities for locals include camel racin which take place in the wintertime and spring when the heat goes down the countries surrounded by the sea.

So what sports are a must safari tours to the desert with dune bashing and Land Cruisers are also popular are you a tourist alright what brings you to Qatar over I left three hours later now I have a 14-hour layover before I fly off to JFK so my thought was come downtown start at the National Museum of Islamic art get.

Kind of lay of the land from there and then walk along the corniche all the way to the city center and then to the pearl the beach and hopefully see some a pretty sunset and do some shopping along the way good back to the airport did you know much about the guitar before coming here literally nothing I know the obsession with architecture and art and I know I have a lot of friends who are Islamic and who practice Islam so I know that that's important here and then I read about solo female travelers in Doha.

Specifically which was it's safe dress appropriately and be respectable right so I thought I'll be fine awesome well enjoy your time thank you Qatar has a staggering income and very few citizens the income from oil enables the government of Qatar to provide its people with a number of social welfare benefits these include free health care and housing paid for partly by the government on education is free and scholarships are available to qualified students for study abroad or at the University of Qatar the biggest challenge for Doha is the heat some local building companies have implemented various forms of cooling technology to Olivia the extremely torrid climatic conditions Qatar is very safe with low levels of even petty crime.

Many people try to compare Doha, with Dubai indeed this comparison makes sense their starting points are very similar to lots of oil money and the desert, of course, Doha is not there yet, but the city is doing his best to narrow the gap.

The construction is in full swing, and many new sites will be open for the World Cup knowing how much they want to impress the world I think it can be done Doha is another example of how with the right strategy in mind and the resources to back it up you can turn any place on planet Earth even the desert into a thriving city of the future and what do you guys think about Doha and Qatar let me know in the comments, thanks for Reading.

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