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Interesting Facts About Dubai Culture

Welcome to Dubai. Dubai as a city and an emirate in the UAE known for luxury shopping ultra-modern architecture and sandy beaches Dubai was turned from a desert backwater into one of the world's most innovative cities in less than 50 years.


Where is Dubai located in the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf the city is growing so fast I was actually visiting it back in 1995 with my dad and when it came here for the second time I couldn't recognize anything my first impression was that the city is just so overwhelming different parts of the city are just so spread out and it's not clear had to get from one place to another.

First of all, let's point out some cultural aspects although two buys the most liberal of the seven Emirates it is still an Arab emirate and much of its culture is influenced by Islam criticizing the royal family local laws or the country, in general, will probably get you in trouble drinking in public or just being intoxicated in public is also against the law.

When visiting in public places you got to follow certain dress code make sure you cover your shoulders and knees also no kissing or hugging in public you will hear a call to the prayer five times a day no matter where you are outside in a mall or at a business meeting filming people is basically legal you got to ask for their permission first.

The population of the city is 3.3 million people, and every year it increases by 170,000 people you might be surprised by the locals or Emiratis only makeup about 10% of the population looking at all the luxury of Dubai it might seem that everyone must be pretty wealthy around here which is often the case for locals and some high-skilled.

Expatriates coming from countries like the US, UK, and Canada, but it's a completely different story for the construction workers and the taxi drivers that come from Pakistan Bangladesh India Nigeria Egypt and other countries who only average about six or seven hundred dollars a month.

Dubai's fourth most visited city in the world, the city had 15 million overnight visitors in 2016, but the real estate situation is another story, that wants to invest in Dubai have to keep an eye on the market.

Several years ago Dubai already found itself in a difficult situation when it needed a twenty billion dollar bailout from its oil-rich neighbor Abu Dhabi to escape a debt crisis caused by collapsing property prices, since 2014 residential property prices have dropped by more than 15 percent and are still fallen the housing market remains oversupply and you're looking at all the ongoing projects.

I get a feeling that it might stay this way for a while at the same time they're expecting the city population to double by 2027 everyone's betting on Expo 2020 to turn things around.

For, which Dubai is ready to spend eight billion dollars on infrastructure, Dubai has always been an attractive place to run a business for yet, another reason zero taxes but in 2018 the government implemented value-added tax v80 at a rate of five percent not too bad but it's not zero anymore.

Dubai is in the desert, and it's hot summer days can be as hot as 50 Celsius, or 122 Fahrenheit and it's sunny throughout the air it is hotter here than in Phoenix Arizona, so you get the picture even the taxi drivers from Egypt.

That I talked to said that in the summertime it's hotter here than it is in Egypt it's in the deserts of water supply is a major challenge close to 99 percent of potable drinking water in Dubai comes from desalination plants just imagine how many cubic meters of water they need every day for the city.

In this part of the world, you know a city is wealthy when it has a lot of green parks and gardens and palm trees you know divided in the desert so it takes a lot of water to keep it all green and nice everywhere you will see some water systems and some hoses look at this flowers they're hoses everywhere they can't have too much fur in when it's 50 outside I mean you gotta keep it.

Dubai is not very walkable, so you'll have to be reliant on public transportation to get you around but most people just prefer to use taxes Dubai is jam-packed with things that are designed to be the biggest or the most extravagant in the world it has this attitude of nothing is impossible the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world it's an eight hundred and the thirty-meter tall tower that dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline, by the way, Burj in Arabic means a building while without a doubt it's a true masterpiece.

It might be just a little bit of an overrated site for tourists do you really want to waste two or three hours in line just to see the city from above I decided to pass on the idea because you can admire the building from outside for free, but did you know they're already building a toll or building it's called Dubai Creek Tower and it will be at least 100 meters taller than Burj Khalifa.

Dubai has the world's largest flower garden Dubai miracle garden the garden has a total of 45 million flowers so nice to find yourself in this beautiful area and take a break from the busy city.

We are in the beautiful miracle garden in Dubai and it seems like it's everything they've been lacking all the greenery and all the different kinds of flowers devised a desert and over here you feel like you know Thailand and it's just a wonderful place and you should visit that if you're in Dubai during the summer months.

The garden stays closed for obvious reasons it's too hot man sorry I didn't see that kid where do you find the best roads in the world for five years in a row the Emirates had been number one when it came to the quality of roads according to the global economy and of course if you have some super roads you need some supercars right.

They have bus stops, with air conditioning they call them air-conditioned bus shelters and there's more than a thousand of them right now in the city Dubai has the world's longest fully automated metro system where all trains run without drivers most of it above the ground they have two lines a green line and a red line the red line goes along the main Dubai.

Street Sheikh Zayed highway there are three different classes of service silver class women and children only and gold class a ticket to the gold class is two times more expensive than usual the best thing about it is it doesn't get crowded during rush hours a problem.

Chest petitioner Dubai is pretty convenient and the best weight is to get an old card which is good for subway it's good for a bus the only thing it's not good for is the monorail, which has to pay separately Dubai is also known for one of the most ambitious engineering structures of our time an artificial palm tree archipelago palm Jumeirah which added nearly 50 miles to the coastline Atlantis the palm as a luxury hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah among other things it has Aquaventure waterpark and the lost chambers aquarium that is home to 65,000 marine animals we got from welcome to Dubai.

To get a good view of Palm Jumeirah, you might want to go to Mary at Harbor Hotel that has a bar on the 52nd floor with a wonderful view the Palm Jumeirah turn out as successful as they planned it to be well not really instead of an exclusive private Enclave you got a generic copy of American suburbia the houses are standing side-by-side at three times the originally planned density.

In fact that we're planning a large series of developments called the palm islands, which were going to be many times larger than Palm Jumeirah and also the world a series of islands represented in the world.

like every single continent but all these projects had to be suspended since Dubai property market crash in 2009 I'm sure you have seen this hotel before it it's called the Burj Al Arab this hotel claims to be the only seven-star hotel in the world and is frequently recognized as the world's most luxurious hotel it was built in 1999 for 1 billion dollars on a man-made island the cheapest room starts at $1,500 a night.

While a royal queen bedroom suite will set you back fifteen thousand dollars, Dubai is a city of shopping malls like what do you do on those five days people go to the malls to escape from the heat the mall of the emirates is one of the largest malls here it's got ski Dubai an indoor ski resort with five ski tracks and a snow park you can also visit an ice cave and go sledding can you believe that yes right in the mall you can go ski in one of the hottest places on the planet.

Another mole is the Dubai Mall today it's the second-largest mole in the world, but it used to be the largest if you like exotic cars then in front of the Dubai Mall there's always something to look at it's a bustling entertainment center with mesmerizing sights and attractions often viewed by most Emiratis as the ultimate shopping destination in the city.

Let's look at some things that you can see inside the mall the human Waterfalls one of the finest artificial waterfalls that I've ever seen there's also an aquarium one of the largest in the world in fact 2.6 million gallons of water outside to have a fountain show which always gets crowds and crowds of people.

The way is the best place in the world you know it's all right you have east and west everything no corona nothing no white it's not yeah everything is clean yeah okay the rulers here are fantastic it's a growing economy everything is booming here life is beautiful no taxes the fresh air free of charge he compliments.

You know what's your favorite part of the city fair part of the city is the kite beach you know the kite beach oh it's right here on the spot right place right time right people what but what about the parks my first impression is that the city's nothing but a concrete jungle and there are no parks well it's not like that there are plenty of parks this one's called Al Barsha where people come to go jogging or just take a break from the busy city life.

But one most dangerous problem is they say driving a car in Dubai is not for everyone locals say that, if you miss an exit it might take you 20 to 30 minutes to get back on the route speeding fines are no joke for example if you exceed the speed limit by 20 kilometers an hour your fines gonna be an equivalent of 82 dollars but if you exceeded by 80 kilometers an hour, it's gonna be eight hundred and twenty dollars.

Since March 2018 on the bright side there's definitely been some progress Dubai has recently loosened its liquor laws to allow tourists to purchase alcohol in state-controlled stores they ended prison sentences for loan defaulters before if you are late with payments you could be sentenced to jail for up to three years now you just get a fine instead of jail time the city is very safe and that's despite the fact that it has millions of visitors from all over and most importantly it's a fun place to live in it's a melting pot of different cultures and there are so many events happening all the time to me.

Dubai's like the amusement park of the planet where the most daring ideas are implemented some of them succeed and some fail but everybody, wants to come here and see it for themselves and you can't help but admire the determination of Dubai to be moving forward, and I want to end this story with a quote from Sheikh Mohammed the race for excellence has no finish line.

I wanted to buy, to be number one not in the region but in the world number one in everything high education health and housing I want to give my people the highest way of living ok guys thanks for reading my story.

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