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Interesting Facts About Pattaya Thailand

Hello, All today we're going to talk about once a small fishing town Pattaya, offers boomed as a rest and recuperation destination for American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Pattaya Thailand

Since then it has changed dramatically into one of the world's tours, and hotpots it is now lined with resort hotels high-rise condos shopping malls bars and nightclubs today the population is 320,000 people Pattaya is located on the eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand about a hundred and fifty kilometers southeast of Bangkok.

It takes about two hours to get here by car Pattaya has a tropical climate similar to that of Bangkok, but the sea makes it so much more enjoyable Pattaya Beach the main city beach and the beach road is full of lives with hotels restaurants shopping malls and crowds of people it's a nice place for walking and people watching look at this guy standing there in the balcony with his buddies even brought his binoculars but the City Beach is not a good place for swimming murky waters and lots of garbage and fuels from the numerous Park boats make swimming here a distinctly a despotism prospect if you love swimming you better go to jump.

Yen which is in the south of Pattaya it consists of high-rise condominiums beachside hotels bungalow complexes and restaurants chomp Tien Beach is calmer and generally in better shape and the atmosphere locally is more relaxed than family-oriented you can also get a massage right on the beach it is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts right next to the beach there is an amusement park and a tower in case you want to keep children entertained or get a dose of adrenaline yourself there is a simple nine on the 55th floor of the tower with breathtaking views and a restaurant with a 360-degree view but the best beaches in the area are on the islands and to get to those Islands.

You will need to come to Bali a pier located at the end of Walking Street there are several islands close to Pattaya the closest and the most popular one is: just 7.5 kilometers of the coast of Pattaya ferries leave Bali hey piers several times a day.

You can also charter speedboats it's a good idea because there are so much faster a ferry boat ride takes about 45 minutes and speedboat just 20 but just so you know the ride is a little bumpy especially if you're into taking pictures on the island you can travel from one beach to another using mini buses and motorbike taxis the island has five beautiful beaches that get thousands of visitors every day.

The water is clear, and it's very pleasant place need Pattaya has come a long way from being a fishing village today it's at the center of Thailand's eastern economic corridor so against lots of investments some of its upcoming projects include developing a tram in the city and building a bigger cruise terminal as well as many new tourist attractions Tourism Authority of Thailand claimed they want to get rid of the previous city image of Pattaya and try to promote a new image to show that this is a place for everyone.

The average salary in the city is around $400, but it's cheap to live here Comparative Western countries you can rent a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center for as little as three to four hundred dollars what are some cool things to do in Pattaya you can spend a day at a golf course there's plenty of those in and around the city.

You can visit the famous nong Nooch tropical garden, and Big Buddha Hill, or you can visit Buddha mountain the largest engraving of Buddha in the world this gold embossed image was carved out of the side of a limestone mountain with a laser and it is 130 meters in height and 70 meters across at its widest Pattaya has a lot to offer outside of the tourist camp.

There's a lot of shopping available make sure you visit some local markets that person is the biggest one it's open every Friday Saturday and Sunday evening on The recent road it has much Thai food store including local strength like fried insects and scorpions as well as branded shoes and clothing and electronic goods.

But who are we trying to kid nightlife is the main reason people come to Pattaya the city has a reputation as a sex capital with hundreds of beer bars gogo clubs and massage places low prostitution in Thailand is technically legal.

It's tolerated in most cities articles in the British newspapers once described, but the yacht as the world sex capital this provoked anger from government officials as high as PM upset about the British media news he insisted they were fake there's no such thing as whoring in Pattaya.

He said Yeah right he can talk about nightlife in Pattaya without raise in walking Street close to vehicle traffic in the night it consists of half a kilometer of seafood restaurants live music venues beer bars discos nightclubs and hotels and the variety of the craziest sex shows according to some estimates there may be as many as 27,000 prostitutes working in Pattaya.

Some say this number is a lot higher ladyboys are exceptionally common in Pattaya some of the more feminine ones are quite stunning in there a girl like a manner and can fool almost any man and to believe in they were born 100% female, but I don't want you to get an idea that walking Street is just about adult entertainment it's basically about your priorities you can have a great time here just drinking beer and listening to live rock music join some delicious food and watching the crowds.

There is a huge retired ex-pat population many older Western men choose to retire to Pattaya sometimes you see them walking down the street with really young Thai girls is it dangerous in Pattaya not really people may encounter petty crime usually limited to pickpocketing and confidence tricks particularly in and around major tourist areas a special tourist police division has been established to help tourists.

Just so you know the majority of crimes occur between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., so it's a good idea not to get too drunk so nobody can take advantage of you there is a common tourist mouth when tourists going for the jet skiing and being forced to pay for the equipment damages afterward which they never caused and those cases call the tourist police as in all of Thailand the penalties for possession and distribution of drugs are harsh Pattaya is a thriving muy Thai destination with over a dozen white.

Camps and gyms located in and around the city places like but say yeah boxing world a premier Mori tight stadium in the city featuring a daily culture show many come to Pattaya to join training and fitness camps goes without saying Muay Thai is a great way to stay fit what's the best way to get around town.

Well, you can use baht buses Pattaya has no tuk tuks as in Bangkok, and most transport has been undertaken by dark blue pickup trucks converted to buses also known as but buses because the ferry used to be just one but back in the day, now the fare is 10 baht per person the quickest way to get around is by motorcycle taxi, but arguably it's a little as safe and scarier for sure somehow they can weave through slow-moving traffic of downtown Pattaya much quicker than any other form of transportation.

Just tell the driver not to speed as accidents are very common here, of course, you can always use conventional taxi or applications like grabbing you can also rent a motorcycle or a car but just make sure you have the skills to do so trust me it's not easy car ends will start at about thirty dollars a day most locals prefer motorbikes Pattaya is a food paradise there is a great choice of tropical fruit on every corner so affordable you can eat it all day every day just remember no mangoes or Duran is allowed in hotels try some famous Thai dishes like Tom Yum spicy soup but if you want to try something really exotic try eating fried insects.

One of the reasons to rent a car in Pattaya is to explore the countryside driving the country rose around Pattaya can be entertainment by itself as you move outside of the city you come across some really nice golf courses and even places like this what is this Italy it sure looks like it this place is called Silver Lake it's a beautiful place and well worth visiting entries free and you're welcome to wander around the forecourt and the courtyard areas overlooking the vineyards across the road from the vineyards is the Silver Lake Grill restaurant.

A highly recommended place you can go and visit some local villages and see what the local farmer's life looks like and what Pattaya must have been like 40 or something years ago you know the real countryside with cattle and chickens and farmers and everybody's just so friendly it's amazing you look at them and they smile just remember to smile back visit some local cafes this local cafe just opened seven days before we came.

Into the soup was excellent and I hold their business prospers you can visit some elephant places like this elephant sanctuary where there's no elephant riding trekking or circus tricks this elephant jungle sanctuary is the first tourist attraction Pattaya to offer the opportunity to interact with elephants.

In an elephant-friendly environment, the elephants at this sanctuary are retired from the shows or have been rescued with so many foreigners living there it doesn't come as a surprise that there are local schools and international schools, and this is a college of logistics and supply chain and this is what a student's dorm looks like now this is the college parking lot not too many cars right many nationalities are living in Pattaya, Chinese, Indians and surprisingly Russians while most Russian tourists come and go briefly thousands of them have stayed buying homes and starting businesses their presence is evident on the city streets.

You can see Russian restaurants street bars and they say the Savannah Russian Church there may be as many as fifty thousand Russians living in Pattaya if you're spending a few days in the city I highly recommend you visit Khao kheow open zoo it's huge, and it contains more than 8,000 animals from 300 species one-of-a-kind.

It's a safari type of zoo where he can drive your car and make stops whenever you want to the zoo is divided into several thematic zones like African, Savannah cats, complex park and many others.

If you're adventurous try fly to, the Gibbon this is a three-kilometer long course and it consists of 22 zip lines it's an excellent opportunity to have fun while taking in some beautiful views of the jungle Pattaya is a great place to stay fit just come here Beach sports and jogging and healthy food will take care of the rest Pattaya has a lot to offer to anyone who likes a warm climate and a laid-back lifestyle.

So when is your next vacation to Pattaya right now we're in what they are more in the city what a wonderful city I stay tuned.

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