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Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is the biggest and largest country in the world located in the north of Eurasia, covering eleven time zones once Churchill said Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


So let's try to figure it out let's start Russia is a cold country it's true in some northern cities of Russia, like Yakutsk those who own cars have to park their vehicles in heated garages with a blanket wrapped around the battery and when they drive they keep the engine running all day it is the largest country in the world.

An area of 17 million square kilometers that is twice more than the United States but only 35% of that territory is suitable for living the remaining 65 is occupied by permafrost the agricultural season in most parts of the country is just two to four months for comparison in Europe and the US it is 8 to 9 months the landscape varies from tundra steppes forests to mountains and subtropical beaches.

Russia has several major parts the European part, the South the Urals Siberia, and the Far East 77% of the population lives in the European part of the country, and here it's mostly uninhabited the most typical landscape of Russia.

For 2016 according to the International Monetary Fund, Russia ranks 12th in terms of nominal GDP, the economy is predominantly based on raw materials, which comes as no exiting knowing the enormous natural reserves of Russia.

First place in the world and natural gas and forest reserves the sixth place in oil reserves the second place in coal reserves and so much more the World Bank estimates the property of all Russia's natural resources at 75 trillion dollars impressive right since Russia was so lucky with natural resources it would seem logical that the average salary in the country should be no less than it is in Europe, but that's not the case in 2016 it was only 28 thousand rubles or four hundred and fifty dollars a month.

The average salary of a doctor is just seven hundred dollars a month and four hundred and fifty for a nurse the state controls 70 percent of the economy, therefore, the largest companies in Russia are state-owned raw materials companies like Gazprom and Rosneft are monopolies like Russian railroad and the Russian Post as the case in the rest of the world.

State-owned companies are not exactly examples of innovations in modern technologies but what about private business in Russia there are some successful private companies such as magnet supermarket chain Yandex internet company tinkoff online bank Kaspersky Lab VK social network and others but even they seem to be very much under the government control in terms of what they can and cannot do and it's sad because at one point Russia was one of the countries where Google and Facebook faced local competition but things turned dismal in the end on the bright side many services in Russia cost less than they do in the West.

Taxi prices the internet electricity and cell communications well below their Western counterparts what then prevents Russia from taking a leading role in the world there are a lot of reasons but it's enough to mention corruption and endless bureaucracy and you get the picture a hundred years ago 85 percent of Russia's population was rural today 3/4 live in the cities.

Let's take a look at the biggest Moscow Moscow is the dream city for the majority of Russians salaries here are three to five times higher than in the rest of the country the Moscow subway serves nine million passengers a day this is more than the subways of New York and London combined everybody's running and no one speaks English that's how foreigners describe the city.

In 2016 to 2017 Moscow was the third city in the world with the largest number of billionaires 60 people to be exact just right after New York and Hong Kong st. Petersburg one of the most beautiful cities in Russia North Venice famous for his drawbridges and white knights foreigners adore st. Pete and say it reminds them of Paris and Rome on Nevsky prospect.

There is a higher chance of peer in foreign speech than Russian neva so Bursk the third-largest city it's a city in Siberia and a scientific capital Russia it's famous for its academic or dock which accommodates several research institutions one of the greenest cities in Russia Yekaterinburg is a phenomenal place with a deep history and rich culture of Russia is the gateway between Europe and Asia the home town of Russia's first president the world leader in the consumption of mayonnaise according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

But the seriously Yekaterinburg is one of the most popular and developed post-industrial areas in the country which has its valuable natural and intellectual resources Kazan the capital of terror stand the largest port on the bank of the Volga it has two cultures Tatar and Russian peacefully coexisting the main attraction is, of course, the Kazan kremlin and the fastest-growing city in Russia.

Krasnodar, many residents of the northern regions move here for a warmer climate, it's near, the mountains and only two-hour drive from the Black Sea coast villages, in Russia are in a deplorable State the rural population is shrinking everywhere people are living for larger cities many villages have been abandoned.

All together sadly there is no place for them in modern Russia reality and most villages today the hope for a future is slowly disappearing and with that disappears a very important part of the Russian culture.

Secondary education is very fundamental and is in no way inferior to the Western and in many ways that surpass it Russia has been suffering from brain drain ever since the collapse of the USSR many people are overqualified for their positions and in small towns, there are simply no opportunities for them to build a career which forces the on professionals to move to Moscow on abroad in 2013 Russia was visited by 28 million tourists the most popular destinations are Moscow and Saint Peter course resorts of the cross entire region.

Ski resorts the golden ring of Russia and cruises along the Volga foreigners love long trips along the trans-Siberian railroad visited Altai mountains and Lake Baikal traveling to Kamchatka volcanoes and cruises on an icebreaker to the Russian Arctic National Park by the way Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.

And the largest source of freshwater on the planet the Siberian taiga is the largest forest in the world the lungs of the planet most Russians live in modest apartments surprisingly possess an enormous territories Russians continue to build high-rise apartment buildings. 20 or more floors many Russians have summer houses country cottages where they can have picnics and grow vegetables and flowers all summer Russia takes the third place in the world after the US and China in the length of railroads the longest route is the transom area and railroad from Moscow to Vladivostok cross seven time zones and almost takes a week.

Public transport in large cities is well developed you have trams buses trolleybuses fixed-route taxi buses seven cities have a subway The best subway stations in Russia are generally works of art roads construction has always been a controversial issue most federal roads do not meet modern standards of safety and quality extremely small number of freeways the construction of new roads is slow Russia has its car manufacturer.

After Vaz whose share in the Russian car market is 19% for 2016 the best-selling cars that same year were Hyundai Solaris Lada Granta and Kia Rio many foreigners come into Russia and expect to see lots of street crime and the Russian mob and a very surprised that everything is civilized in peaceful nevertheless.

The statistics don't lie the murder rate for 100,000 people is 9.5 compare that to u.s. words 3.8 Belgium where it's 1.8 and Canada where it's 1.5 at the same time if you compare the statistics on rape for 2010 and Russia this figure was 3.4 in the US 27 point 3 which is almost 10 times higher in Belgium twenty-seven point nine and in Sweden 63 point five so twenty times higher so where are you going to feel safer traveling with your wife and daughter despite the fact.

There is free medicine in Russia the quality of services is very low life expectancy is just 65 years for men and 76 for women at the same time the birthrate and Russia is higher than it is in Europe thirteen point three pair one thousand people versus the European Union ten point one Dylan with government agencies whether obtaining any kind of certificate goes into the police etc.

Associated with a huge loss of time and stress according to corruption perception index from transparency international Russia's among the 50 most corrupt in the world customer service in Russia has traditionally been at a low level often you can meet the lack of smiles and indifference of employees Vladimir Putin's been in power since 1999 and is probably gonna stay that way truth is most Russians simply vote for the person they show on TV the most freedom of speech has been compromised and many journalists even the citizens and citizens sit and listen the Southern.

Russian food is very tasty but it rarely falls into the top of the world ratings perhaps because it doesn't have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a large number of fatty and flower dishes mayonnaise and pickles today pizza burgers and sushi can be found.

In, 2001 less than thirteen percent of Russians preferred grain coffee and in 2015 it was 41% of foreigners love to visit fast-food places in Russia first they can offer you a beer and secondly they're much cleaner and nicer than in the US no homeless people here the food scene has improved dramatically.

You now, have burger places craft beer bars Asian restaurants and so on it's no secret that Russian women are beautiful even the slightest excuse to go out will make them one to apply makeup and put on high heels Russians are very different from Europeans and Americans a smile without a reason does not always find understanding try to smile at someone on the subway most likely you will simply be ignored or they will regard it as flirting and Russia it is considered weird to smile at people that you don't know most Russians a very patriotic.

Russian is the second most popular language on the internet after English, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations but do Russians speak English, let's find out no okay.

Russia's sports are very popular football indisputably holds a leading position also popular are hockey basketball volleyball and boxing Russia is known throughout the world for its achievements in gymnastics and figure skating in recent years the popularity of a healthy lifestyle is becoming noticeable in large cities many fitness centers have opened up also lots of ski resorts in winter such unusual sports are popular like the rally on ice.

Winter cycling and even winter kiting Russian is the 2nd most popular language on the internet after English, and one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations Russians has many unique traditions such as visit and bathhouses or Vanya's swimming in the ice hole in a 20-degree below temperature.

Winter fishing blood sport lawn celebrations and saying long toasts Russia is a wonderful country beautiful nature wonderful people and a harsh climate with the endless territory I think Russia has great potential and many opportunities and what do you think about Russia.

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