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Interesting Facts About Seoul South Korea

Hey, friend welcomes to Technosoft, and this article we're going to talk about soul salt is the capital and the largest city of South Korea it's a huge metropolis.


Where modern skyscrapers cars and pop culture meets Buddhist temples palaces, the population of Seoul is more than 10 million, but the metro area is 25 million-plus so which is pretty much half the country's population.

This is the fifth-largest metro area in the world Korea is a densely populated country.494 people per square kilometer that's even more than in Japan. So you can imagine what it's like in Seoul, the population density here, is almost twice that of New York City and eight times that of Rome Italy.

Now a day Seoul is considered a rising and leading global city resulting from a South Korean economic boom called.

The Miracle on the Han River transformed it into the fourth largest metropolitan economy after Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles, with a GDP of 845 billion. major manufacturers headquartered in the city include Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, and SK in 2010. Seoul was hosting the most important event like the g20 summit and became the first Asian city that hosted such an important event.

Seoul is an expensive city but not for the residents of Seoul whose average salary is already more than $2,500, and that's after taxes salaries have been on a steady growth for the last 20 years.

Auto manufacturers Hyundai and Kia dominate the domestic car market and their share is 77% and if you look at the new car models like the n series from Hyundai and Kia stinger you'll see that Koreans have learned to make fun to drive cars as well Samsung Corporation has been trying to get into the older business for a long time now partnering with the French car manufacturer Renault, the model that you see right now is sm6 the public transportation system in Seoul is fast, safe, clean, and very affordable and there is little need to own a car Seoul.

Subway is considered the second-best in the world after Hong Kong it has heated seats Wi-Fi and cellular coverage there are bathrooms at all metro stations with more than 8 million passengers a day this subway network is one of the busiest in the world with a total track length of nine hundred and forty kilometers talking out loud or talking on your cell phone frowns upon Koreans seem to be very disciplined and line up before the entrance to the subway car Seoul subway is closely integrated with the country's railroad network one of the fastest in the world.

There are about 200 bus routes some of the city's buses use dedicated lanes taxes are a huge temptation it seems like every tenth car as a cab you can In Seoul travel for 30 minutes and spends just about 12 to 15 dollars, so they are pretty affordable ancient International Airport.

Seoul and other nearby cities are the best airport in the world in 2015 Seoul introduced the first bicycle sharing system the city of Seoul is divided into 25 administrative districts due to its geography and economic development policies Seoul is very phallocentric.

City let's explore some of its cool hoots let's start with the area that used to be the old capital Juneau district and young district they constitute the historical and political center of the city Jongno district has been the center of the city for 600 years.

change in ceremonies in front of Juanjo moon gate guan Hammond plaza in the very heart of Seoul is a huge square, where they have various events, and it's a popular place cool place is chunga jones dream which is ten kilometers long.

It's a beautiful river covered with trees and tall commercial buildings this is a romantic place especially in the evening it's a perfect place to relax and get your feet wet next to it is Seoul Plaza located in front of Seoul City Hall which often serves as a venue for protests, exhibitions and games of football or you can simply come here to relax on the puffs to the southwest of the city hall is neon dome an estimated.

2 million people travel through the area of Seoul each day for one purpose that's right shopping this neighborhood is packed with mid to high-end boutiques and major Korean department stores Myeongdong was listed as the ninth most expensive shopping street in the world.

In 2013 Myeongdong is also a great place to fill up on Korean street food south of the central part is nom de moon one of the eight gates in the fortress wall of Seoul, which surrounded the city during the Joseon dynasty built back in 1398 nearby are Seoul station and major railway station in Seoul where you can take a high-speed train to reach the resort city of Busan in just 2.5 hours Namsan cable car is a beloved landmark for the people of Korea the cable car has been operating daily for almost 60 years.

The Seoul tower provides beautiful panoramic views of Seoul after being featured on TV and reality shows the tower has become a popular date destination.

Millions of visitors from all over the world have enjoyed the breathtaking views of Namsan Mountain and downtown Seoul and finally in the eastern part of the historic center is domed a moon design Plaza designed by world-renowned architect Zara added and home to museums and galleries offering a variety of cultural experiences and exhibits Seoul was named world design capital in 2010.

Seoul has been a major site of modern architectural construction moving on to the main finance and investment banking center, and that is the large island on the Han River most Bank headquarters and the Korean Exchange are located here that's why it's often called Korea's wall street and has been serving as the financial center of the city.

Since the 1980s, yo Edo is home to some of South Korea's major broadcasting Studios tallest skyscrapers include an international finance center Seoul and the iconic 63 building.

The economic center of the city is Gangnam south of the Han River, you know about Gangnam. most metropolitan Gangnam district his soul's upscale modern center home to gleaming skyscrapers and design of brands this is the most prosperous region and the most expensive real estate the main street of the district is Toronto it located Gangnam station through yuksam dong and into some son done it is colloquially known as Teheran Valley due to the number of Internet-related companies operating here similar to Silicon Valley in the United States.

Lots of stylish nightclubs where big-name DJs spin techno and house subway stations some song is connected to starfield COEX one of the largest underground moles in the world that attracts thousands of visitors to its aquarium and movie theaters now the statue of Gangnam style once you get on the stage below the hands the song Gangnam style will be played for your perfect experience dance on the stage.

Tower it's a 123 floor, 555 meters super tall skyscraper, it opened to the public on April 3rd, 2017 and it's currently the tallest building in South Korea and the fifth tallest building in the world by the way Lotte is a Korean multinational corporation.

In 2017 the city was visited by ten million people which made it the tenth most popular destination in the world apart from that it's the birthplace of pop plastic surgery has become a huge part of Korean culture by some estimates there are more than 500 clinics in Gangnam alone and nearly 1 million procedures.

There is a good choice of brand cosmetic stores with skincare, hair and body care products, Korean women tend to make their skin whiter so face masks are very popular here and in the summertime, the trying to get away from the sunshine by walking with the Sun umbrella, shopping malls are filled with luxury brands, I've seen lines in front of Chanel boutique the best part about service in Korea is that no tipping is required.

Salt is an ultra-safe City, very low murder rate violence and petty theft car theft is almost unheard of even for a girl to walk alone at night will be very comfortable perhaps the only reason to worry is the proximity to North Korea.

Even police stations are pretty best and friendly look at these cartoon characters wouldn't you agree and cities around the world people look to suburbs for more space or a nicer house for their money, but in South Korea, the city department is still a dream the Korean dream is a 3-bedroom apartment in the city center.

Korean developers pay attention to offer in best living conditions instead of trying to maximize their own profits apartment blocks are usually 15 to 30 floors with large open spaces between them all units come with floor heating so you'll stay warm during the winter if you're an ex-pat and looking to rent something on your own you should be aware of the deposit.

The Korean barbecue restaurants are very popular for food where you will have to cook your meat turn it over from side to side and cut it with the supplied caesars so that it's easy to bite in general Korean food is very spicy no matter what you order you'll get tons of side dishes a Korean meal is not a meal without rice and kimchi which is spicy cabbage Korea is surrounded by seas, so the choice of seafood is enormous and if you're a seafood lover make sure you visit the Nari and Jin fish market the best part about this place is that you can buy extremely fresh seafood and head straight to one of the adjacent restaurants where they will slice it and cook it for your bubble tea, and dairy products like this strawberry drink are very popular among young people.

Most Koreans did not speak good English, and 60% of Koreans are not religious, and surprisingly the most popular religion is Christianity there are many Protestant churches in Seoul Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world.

Modern safe and incredibly interesting obsessed with pop spicy food and soldier drinks life and soul seems to be a constant balance between beating pressure and deadlines and having a great time with your friends come to Seoul and see it for yourself, Thank you !!!


Some of the recent graduates include Red Velvet's YeRi, CLC's EunBin, MOMOLAND's Nancy and JooE and so on and many more best schools in seoul.

Many go all around the world holding offline auditions. ... Furthermore, you will be living in Korea during your training and it is a good idea to ... On the day of the audition, you will be with a large group of people in a practice room. ... The show brought judges from SM, JYP, YG, and a producer from Kpop Star.

Yes All Master Certificate are accepted in india for job, seoul is valid all in indian government.

There will be two types of JAM 2021 cut offs - cutoff marks and closing ranks – which will be released at different stages.

Yes, afcouse In recent years, fashion in Korea has evolved due to inspirations from Western culture, wealth, Euny Hong, journalist and author, predicts that this fashion phenomenon so it's diclear it's accepted.

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