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Interesting Facts About Yerevan.The Capital of Armenia

Hello and welcome to techsnsoft in this session we're going to talk about Yerevan the population is 1 million and eighty-one thousand people it's the capital of Armenia a country located in the South coaxes region of Eurasia right over here let me finish my coffee and I will show you around let's start all right enough pose in front of the camera.


Let's start, when you arrive at the airport which is 12 kilometers away from the city first thing you're gonna notice is a huge wine-bottle statue that's because Armenia is famous for its wines and cognac.

I suggest you rent a car if you could this way you can travel outside of the city as well you come to the city and you almost feel like we're back in time Soviet time that's because you're even still has a lot of Architecture from the Soviet period the Korra deceased the Republic Square with musical fountains and colonnades.

Government donors this is where they have city celebrations, and in the evening it's a popular place to go to see the fountain show there's a good choice of restaurants with a nice view, and we are in this rooftop the city is really small and walkable from the Republic Square you can walk to northern Avenue which is a pedestrian street that was opened in 2007.

This new area has a lot of restaurants and shops it's home to some upscale residential buildings and offices coffee shops and hotels from here you can walk towards the areas on Oprah theater and magnificent building there is a beautiful small park with an artificial lake called Swan Lake behind it.

And the final destination on a walking tour will be their escape duck Escape is a giant stairway made of limestone with multiple levels adorned with fountains and sculptures this is where you want to be if you want to have some fun in the evening there are plenty of cafes and restaurants people chillin and jazz good vibes I've enjoyed it.

Although I'll tell you I was shocked when they charged me ten dollars for a glass of fresh pomegranate juice because I knew that here Ivana is a very affordable City so that was unexpected but later I figured out is because the price is very dependent on the season it is a post-soviet country so the majority of the population can speak Russian fluently while the younger generation can speak pretty good English.

I was lucky because I can speak both so isn't it time to do some exciting things that's what I was thinking, and I decided to go zip lining there's a new zipline in the city it's eight hundred and seventy meters long, and it goes under that bridge can you guys imagine ziplining from here and under the bridge for one kilometer at a speed of 140 kilometers an hour maybe I was doing it wrong because you were supposed to keep a certain body position to gain more speed but I couldn't reach the other station and slid back and I was just hanging in there in the air about a hundred meters above the ground so I had to wait for five-ten minutes before they were able to get me to the station that was quite an experience I had plenty of time to reflect in my life and trivial.

Things to don't matter but great attraction nevertheless to get a good view of the city and take some pictures who might want to come to the victory park if you're lucky enough you'll be able to see Mount Ararat which was historically part of Armenia, it's the highest mountain in the region now it's located in Turkey, but visible from Armenia legend goes that when Nicholas the second the last Tsar of Russia, was visiting the Arab on he had to wait for two days to see it here you also find Mother Armenia statue.

Which was erected in 1967, replacing the statue of Joseph Stalin, a dictator that was rejected even by Soviet leaders that succeeded him in this part you also find some military equipment and a small amusement park for kids let's take a look at it.

Though I miss my math League as you notice many buildings in the city are pink that's because they're made of local volcanic paint tough stone as I mentioned Rendon car is a good idea they built some new highways with a maximum permitted speed of 100 kilometers an hour Armenia is famous for its mountains & monastery and with a car you can easily visit some monasteries outside of the city like Garni temple built around the 1st century it's the only Greco-roman colonnaded building in the post-soviet countries Gegard monastery is a medieval monastery being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain surrounded by cliffs it was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the illuminator at the side of a sacred spring inside of a cave.

About a 30-minute drive away from the city, you'll find this VAR notes Cathedral, it's a seventh-century Armenian Cathedral now it's in ruins so it requires some imagination to picture what the Cathedral might have looked like did you know that Yerevan turned two thousand and eight hundred years old.

In 2018 Erebuni fortress is located within the city it was a fortified city founded in 782 BC so technically Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome this place is called the Erebuni and this is this used to be a fortress a long time ago it dates back to the year 782 before Christ the tourism industry is developing really fast Armenia has a lot to offer it has wonderful monasteries.

It has great landscapes, actually in the distance you see Mount on Iran you see over there and of course, if you drive for about an hour away from the city, you can reach Sivan Lake this is the largest freshwater lake of the caucuses set about 2 kilometers above sea level uncovering 1240 square kilometers.

It's one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world, of course during the summer, there are plenty of water activities like jet skiing and boating and whatnot you can visit our minion genocide memorial complex sits in aka bed dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Armenian apostolic Christianity is the predominant religion in Armenia and the Cathedral of st. Gregory the illuminator feature is just the Aragon Cathedral is the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church patchouli surprised StumbleUpon blue mosque in the central part of the city it's the 18th century.

Shia mosque one of the oldest and the most significant buildings from the city's Iranian period during the Soviet time that serves as a history museum but following Armenians independence the mosque was renovated with the support from the Iranian government and again started operating as a mosque serving the Iranians residing in the Arab islands.

When it comes to public transportation to have a subway which is just a straight line with 10 stations it was opened in 1981 the city has a well-developed network of buses similar to other post-soviet countries when it comes to economy agriculture remains important accounting for about 2/5 of the gross domestic product sadly salaries are still low about 330 dollars.

Month a lot of people still live in shabby apartment blocks, that look like the buildings you see on the screen although new apartment blocks are being built I've noticed how things are slowly starting to change for the better the IT industry is developing fast however many people would still prefer to go live abroad given the chance how is staying at a hostel and there were two local ladies work in there and I asked them if that was true that a lot of people want to move abroad and one of them said that she recently won a green card and it was just a matter of months before she would go to the US I said were in the US she said Glendale California if you didn't know this Glendale California has a huge Armenian population.

Another interest is that more Armenians are living abroad than in Armenia itself international tourism is growing most tourists come from Russia, Iran, and the US, and now there are quite many Chinese tourists as well.

Because, of the high rate of unemployment, many local taxi drivers became tour guides and for a very affordable price they can take it to all the places of interest around the city, accommodation is cheap to let me show you what I was staying when it comes to hotels what kind of room can you expect to get in Yerevan and what are the prices so for this room you said this is a living room.

Spacious bathroom the bedroom I only paid $35 a night $35 you know great price did you know that Armenia is number one in the world when it comes to vehicles running on natural gas 77 percent of the city cars run on natural gas crime rate is very low Yerevan is one of the safest cities in the world.

However, you should be careful, when crossing the streets even on green light some drivers put two young boys with hot hats when I show off their cars and the speeding braking the traffic rule so just be careful.

Okay, so how was your bottle you let me know in the comments I am enjoying my state in Armenia I think it's a great country to visit, and if you get a chance come here to rent a car, go outside of the city exploring it's worth it well.

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