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Facts About Kaohsiung Taiwan Most Underrated City

Hi Friends, how are you and in this story, we'll talk about Kaohsiung City, is a massive port city in southern Taiwan it has a population of 2.7 million people making it the third-largest city after Taipei. get into this city is easy there's an International Airport and if you want to travel from Taipei it's just two hours by high-speed rail, or if you prefer to drive it's three and a half hours by car.

Kaohsiung Taiwan

Since it's founded in the 17th century, Kaohsiung has grown from a small trading village into a major city of southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung just like Taipei has a subway system called M RT which stands for mass rapid transit which opened in 2008.

Today it has three lines and 45 stations the average daily ridership stands at about 170,000 people two of the city's MRT stations were ranked among the top 50 most beautiful subway systems in the world first one is Formosa Boulevard station known for its dome of light it's the largest glass work in the world.

It was designed by an Italian artist narcissus Paliotta it's made of a four thousand and five hundred glass panels the other station is Central Park metro station designed by British architect Richard Rogers the circular light rail is also part of the MRT it is expected to be the world.

First light rail vehicle system on fully centenary free route roads in the city, are wide and expansive and it's really easy to park your car, and it seems like Kaohsiung is the city that's made for cars many people have a garage in their home which is not typical for Taiwan, but scooters seem to be even more popular did you know that Taiwan has the world's highest density of scooters.

Reaching 375 per square kilometer, just look at this parking lot let's talk about economy Kaohsiung Jonesport is the primary port for exporting rice, sugar, fruits, and vegetables as well as electronics and other consumer products manufactured in southern Taiwan.

It is an industrial city that has an oil refinery aluminum and cement works fertilizer factories sugar refineries and paper-making plants the nominal GDP is estimated to be around forty-five billion dollars or twenty-four thousand dollars per capital for 2008.

Why do I think Kaohsiung is an interesting City well because recently the city has been going through the transition from being a purely industrial city towards a city that has more appeal to international tourists so let's take a look at the city's potential and what it can offer for travelers the tallest building of the city is the 85 Sky Tower.

It is 347 meters high or 1140 feet, and it was the tallest structure in Taiwan until they completed Taipei 101 in 2004 interestingly there is no 44th floor in the building if you didn't know this it's called tetra phobia fear or the digit for avoiding the digit 4 at all costs because in Chinese it sounds like death so so it means for and death at the same time another interesting place in the city is pier 2 Art Centre this project shows what can be done when you have some passion and drive this Art Center was originally an abandoned.

Warehouse a vibrant and very interesting location full of shops independent vendors sculptures exhibits and installation pieces there is plenty to see and do here, and there are plenty of exhibitions to visit the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts this museum has a variety of exhibitions VR experience multimedia games and so much more it's a great place to visit.

If you're an art lover and there's also a huge park with a lake around it, so it's just a nice area to visit lotus pond with dragon and tiger pagodas that's one of my favorites it's an artificial lake built in 1951 and, now it's a popular tourist destination it's famous for the Lotus plants, and the numerous temples around the lake including the dragon and tiger pagodas now let's enter the mouth of the Dragon.

Ooh, scary one of my favorite places in the city is the Chechen island you can get here by taxi bus or ferry or even take the MRT to station ro1 pigeon island is a popular day escape from the big city and locals love coming here to spend some time at the beach and enjoy some of the most affordable seafood in Taiwan a popular way to explore the island is Teran suffice.

There are lots of surfers, and it's a nice place to enjoy the sand the waves and the sunset and after dark, you can visit the night market street with a good choice of seafood oh you can see we can you everything I've seen, yeah you can eat this is an open menu just pick up you like the right to fish and now Kumari.

Okay sweet that's great yeah pretty fresh and how many people do they need does there have to be at the table to order this kind of fish crabs okay how much is one crab maybe full holders around before do you want to show me your favorites defend okay stir fry the salmon Faizal Kumari farmer deep fry some tartar sauce pepper garlic pepper okay and a brownie.

Colonial some more operatory thing was done that was a good interaction thank you yeah Chechen wind turbine park it's a recreational wind farm the park consists of seven three-blade wind turbines which generate more power to provide the park with 4 hours of illumination during the night time if you love taking great pictures you might want to visit show shine love look house.

It's an observation deck right next to martyrs shrine this place was originally established as cacao Kota hero shrine during the Japanese rule of Taiwan in 1910 Japan switched diplomatic relations from the Republic of China to the People's Republic of China.

Triggering an outcry and the demolition of the shrine then they rebuilt the shrine in 1978 with this new name there are several night markets in the city like Lu ha and drew fun the night markets offer a large variety of snacks low prices you can try different sorts and greets what are you selling you can play different games and get some daily commodities and clothing for cheap.

Love River is the spine of Goshen playing a similar role to the River Thames of London at Riverside Park the love river park runs along the riverbank in downtown Kaohsiung city this Holy Rosary Cathedral is the oldest Catholic Church in Taiwan, and it's located just east of the love river on the left in the distance you can see golf Shan Music Center which is a music hall it was a joint implementation of the Spanish architecture team and the Taiwan team.

I think it turned out to be excellent I have come to the Central Park of Kaohsiung man it took me some time to remember the city's name it's not the simplest one Central Park is an oasis of greenery in heavily built-up urban area let's walk around and talk to the locals what today my life is a really good.

Now if you want to travel a little bit outside of the city you might want to visit the Chi main museum it's a private museum established in 1992 by Chi made Corporation the museum's collection is divided into 5 categories Fine Arts,instruments ,musical ,Natural History and fossils arms and armor antiquities and artifacts now one thing that I kind of overlooked and I apologized for not visiting fall Kaohsiung Buddha museum.

It's a Buddhist monastery with a 36 meter tall Buddha statue now if you come to Kaohsiung make sure you visit this place because it looks absolutely impressive actually when it comes to religion Buddhism has the highest number of followers here thirty-five percent followed by Taoism 33 percent and Christianity four percent Kaohsiung has a number of colleges offering training in commerce education, medicine languages and I were just passing by this Kaohsiung American school and decided to talk to the students that were waiting for their bus at a bus station.

So let's take a look hi how are you guys doing so you go to an American school and they teaching you every subject in English oh pretty cool what's your favorite subject arts okay yours too once you finish this school what do you want to do next what do you want to do in the future fashion design what about you also what about you, oh you guys go to the same class than in this city do a lot of people speak English.

What's your impression not really so you kind of stand out what's it like living in Kaohsiung well first of all the weather is fantastic with monthly mean temperatures between 20 and 29 Celsius or 68 and 84 Fahrenheit the cost of living here is pretty low an apartment in the city center.

You can rent it for it under $300 but at the same time the salaries are nothing to be bragging about like an average net salary after taxes is one thousand and two hundred dollars it is a lot less crowded than in Taipei, but the best aspect of living here is having access to all the nature, and the sea but if you consider yourself a city person a go-getter type of personality unless you're in the import-export type of business then Kaohsiung would probably not be the best place for you it seems like the people in Kaohsiung are just so relaxed that they don't have the sense of urgency even if there's a long line for me it took me 40 minutes to exchange.

$100 bill and a bank I should have used an ATM, I enjoyed my time in Kaohsiung, and it's worth visiting if you're in Taiwan this city is a great example, of how to give an industrial city new life and turn it into something more and it could be one of those most underrated cities in the world.

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