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Facts About Taichung The Second Largest City In Taiwan

Hey Friends how are you Taiwan is famous for its tea warm weather all year round and great cuisine and in this Story we'll continue discovering new places in Taiwan tie a joint while you might think oh, it's just another city I've never heard of but it's the second-largest city of Taiwan


The population of 2.8 million it's a vibrant city with a thriving cultural scene located on the west coast of Taiwan traveling from Taipei to Taichung is no problem at all the distance between the two cities is about 160 kilometers and can be covered by high-speed train in under 40 minutes or about 2 hours by car you will find many Japanese influences and many aspects of life in Taichung.

Why is that after China lost the chino-Japanese war in 1895 Taiwan was ceded to Japan the Japanese wanted to make the city the first modern area of Taiwan and invested in the infrastructure by building roads and dams you can see the heritage of the Japanese colonial era in many parts of the city, for example, the building of Museum of Sun cake is well maintained.

Century-old architecture which once was a pharmacy another example is the ornate brick building of Taichung station and many others new parts of the city look amazing like see tomb district once it was just part of the countryside, but now it's the second most populated district with malls and office buildings and modern apartment buildings.

I like it that the buildings, don't just stand side by side there are many green areas in between at times this part of the city reminded me of New York City and it's Central Park. the highlight of the district is the National Taichung Theater, which is an opera house.

It's a 21st-century cultural facility, it was designed by a Japanese architect Tokyo who put it this way if you see the entire world as a river then I want my buildings to be like a whirlpool let's take a short walk around this district let's take a walk around the city of Taichung. hi, Taichung City now it's the second-largest city in Taiwan.

You know doing well good National Taiwan Museum of Natural Science it's a world-class educational facility actually composed of seven museums in Warren the part that I visited was about human life and men I was impressed this is how we age nobody wants to be aging there's also a huge Botanical Garden outside they say it's the largest and the best equipped educational center in all of Taiwan.

I call me, how old are you from Taichung, yeah great tell me three things you love about the city market which one I visited that last night what else my colleague University College okay what's your name of your college Medical University Oh wonderful you like it okay.

Now, is Taichung better than Taipei, why the wait is you no waiter, the weather less rain not as much rain here yeah yeah okay okay well thank you guys, and have a good day okay started from here you can take a walk along what's known as calligraphy?

The greenway which is a three-point six-kilometer lawn tree line arts and cultural center of the city it's a hub of creativity we can enjoy performances and exhibits and explore Arts in neighborhoods with interest in shops and boutiques this is, for example, Arthas Menethil bronze statue Blizzard Entertainment has built and installed of a massive 14-foot 4,000-pound bronze statue of Lich King Arthas Menethil a fictional character from Warcraft Elan district' space.

You'll also find civil Square National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and unusual buildings like this one Park Lane by CMP with 20-meter tall vertical garden walls by the way this building was renovated from an abandoned parking lot another part of the city that's recently been renovated is Lee which one Canal which means Willow River during the days which one is a perfect place for families as kids can have fun watching koi fish in the clear water at night it turns into a romantic place illuminated with sparkling lights there's some night markets the largest of which is Feng Chia night market it's one of the largest in all of Taiwan.

During the weekend, this market can get as many as 30,000 visitors hello Chema is it you can find delicious snacks exotic fruit and drinks cloves and other goods at reasonable prices.

When it comes to public transportation, the city has a fully developed bus system, but it doesn't have a subway or an MRT system yet an MRT system has been planned for nearly 20 years however the plan was never carried out by the way I love the design of the bus stops have you ever tried bubble tea chunks wait for ton original store claims to be the home of bubble milk tea also known as pearl milk tea sure I had to visible it besides bubble tea you can try many other types of this with fresh and drink tea is the most popular drink here so no wonder is very famous for its tea and every place you go to there is a good.

We'll see what it's like local roads are great quality to rent a car you need to bring your international driver's permit from your home country you can rent a car for 50 to 70 dollars a day, but the primary mode of transportation is the motor scooter.

At every red light, scooters accumulate at the stop line reven and ready to roll as soon as the light turns green in fact they're so important we even have a monument to a scooter along that same calligraphy Greenway you'll also see a whole lot of orange bicycles they're part of the eye bike system which boasts over 200 stations and thousands of bikes borrow in and night bike is easy just tap your transit card trips on to 30 minutes are free too bad you have to have a local SIM card to sign up I was trying to ask people some questions on the street but soon realized that English is not widely spoken here but the friendliness of people and the universal language of smiles worked out just fine if you want to be the picture yeah.

Not a lot of people speak English, but everybody's friendly Ponyo do you like living in the city yeah what do you like about it people yes better than in Tempe Taipei yes but Taipei is crowded ah too crowded yeah yeah right third is waiting to wait for the weather's wet that's true that's why I came here it was raining the whole time I loved it there really yeah like Forex everywhere not so crowded what's your name my name it's nice to meet you.

Staying in shape good how you doing guys can I ask you a question I'm uh I'm making a story about Taiwan and I want to learn more about the city you live in this city, no we from a Maui deli okay - just visiting you're just visiting here yeah okay how do you like it.

That's good the city is green and has a lot of parks and recreational areas like this maple garden a unique u-shaped recreational green land for the city residents the oldest city park is Taichung Park built under Japanese rule in 1903 it has an artificial lake a couple of century-old pavilions an outdoor stadium kids playgrounds and a tennis court Taichung is blessed with a wonderful climate it is often compared to California because of the abundance of dry and sunny days.

It's very safe day or night you don't have to worry Taichung has a low crime rate and it's very safe for visitors there are many universities and international schools in the city as well as a handful of language schools for foreigners to study Mandarin or Taiwanese like many of Taiwan's older cities.

Taichung has a lot of all temples and shrines the great thing about Taichung is that as the Gateway for Explorer in the islands natural beauty because it is surrounded by wetlands and mountains and it's a popular starting place for hiking I think Taichung is a perfect combination of parks business city life and the great climate would you agree if you liked this story give it a thumbs up and let me know if you heard about Taichung before this Story thanks for Reading guys and I'll see you in my next story.

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