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Top 10 Most Bizarre Natural Phenomena

Hi, today i will show you 10 of the most bizarre natural phenomena.


10. Water Spouts

Water spouts are essentially spinning columns of mist and air that form over open water there are 2 different types of water spouts called, Fairweather water spouts and tornadic water spouts according to the National Ocean service these result from tornadoes that form over the water or those which move from land to water but they're all equally dangerous.

They share similar characteristics to tornadoes, that occur over land including their association with severe thunderstorms high winds and seas large hail and frequent lightning Fairweather water spouts usually form along the dark flat base of a line of developing cumulus clouds they are not usually connected with thunderstorms and unlike tornadic water spouts.

Which develop downward fair-weather water spouts develop upward starting at the water's surface and are near maturity by the time their funnels become visible Fairweather water spouts typically move very little because they tend to form amid light wind conditions.

The first recorded account of a waterspout is from 1869. When a 19-year-old sailor reported what had happened after the ship he was on was suddenly surrounded by an eerie silence and then suddenly they were hit by a downpour of wind and water the ship was destroyed and he was one of three survivors water spouts, in general, can cause serious damage because of this if one moves onshore the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning usually.

However, water spouts dissipate upon landfall in 2018 a magnificent and slightly terrifying waterspout was captured on camera in Russia over the Black Sea while these formations are pretty rare fishermen in the country's Krasnodar region reported having seen another waterspout the previous week.

9. Godzilla Cloud

The Godzilla cloud, this past June trade winds blew a gigantic cloud of dust from the biggest Sahara dust storm in over 50 years across the Atlantic Ocean, first hitting the Caribbean and then sweeping into mainland North and Central America particularly the southeastern United States.

Before taking a northwestern turn I mean it is 2020 what else do you think is going to happen to leave your guesses in the comments below it measured roughly 3500 miles long about 200 miles longer than the distance between Seattle and Miami according to journalist Bruce Wiley writing for Forbes although the cloud was officially named the Saharan air layer it became much better known by its nickname the Godzilla cloud.

In some places like Havana Cuba and San Juan Puerto Rico, the dust blanketed the sky vastly reducing visibility, but the oncoming Godzilla cloud made for a spectacular sunset in other places like Miami although the view still came with a noticeable haze the barreling accumulation of sand particles also raised widespread concerns regarding air quality and potential respiratory effects.

Especially in light of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, which already wreaked plenty of havoc on public health according to dr. K max Zhang of Cornell University, who spoke with the New York Post, the harmfulness of dust particles depends on numerous factors including their size concentration and composition, and he added around 30 percent of the dust was very fine posing hazardous health risks.

We just breathe it right also on its way across the ocean the cloud, undoubtedly picked up numerous pollutants, so how do people stay safe in a situation like this especially, if they are already at a heightened risk of respiratory problems the same thing. We've all been doing for however many months now where I'm asked and hope for the best.

8. Cicadas

Cicadas as, if the Cova 19 crisis and the Godzilla cloud weren't enough to deal with in one the year 2020, also came with the emergence of millions of 17-year cicadas from underground in several states during June including West Virginia.

Virginia and North Carolina the rarely seen or heard insects appear for their mating, season which only occurs every 17 years as you probably could have guessed based on their nickname they arrived above-ground and mass and predators do not know they are coming in some areas.

The concentration of cicadas reached as many as 1.5 million per acre, but the sight of these insects wasn't the most overwhelming aspect of their emergence it's their cricket-like chirping, which is extremely loud in some regions experience less dense populations of cicadas.

However and therefore more tolerable noise levels communities and farms with large numbers of cicadas emerging at once may have a substantial noise issue entomologist Eric de told Virginia Tech daily during their brief time above ground 17-year cicadas feed on various trees especially fruit trees and in commercial orchards.

Where they tend to cause the most damage to plant life however generally speaking these insects are not nearly as harmful as one would think given the quantity in which they appear while the 17-year cicadas come and go fairly quickly their disappearance back underground doesn't necessarily mean the noise is over there are annual cicadas species who appear more regularly and a little later in the summer than their more intermittent counterparts.

7. Fireball Cloud

Fireball cloud in early 2016 residents on the porcinis Island of Modena notice a golden huge cloud descending from the sky and hovering over them photographer and weather blogger Rosario Pacheco who captured images of the strange cloud and posted them on his website described a phenomenon as a fireball.

While the cloud is indeed fascinating it can be explained by simple science and is the result of extraordinary things happening to ordinary clouds according to science alert as well as Pacheco's impeccable timing for capturing the snapshots the clouds fiery red and gold hues are caused by the sunrise hitting them at the right time and its dark patches near the top along with its lighter undertones beneath results from two clouds at varying altitudes coming together with different colored clouds mix between high and low altitudes all the time.

But, because they're usually shades of grey our eyes can't often distinguish them wrote science alert reporter Fiona McDonald it's only when sunlight hits them like this that their hues become so pronounced the top cloud is an altostratus cloud forming between altitudes of 2,400 to 6100 meters the bottom cloud is a cumulus cloud sitting at around 1000 meters their combined effect along with the vivid coloration led to them by this light likely only lasted a few minutes making Pacheco a lucky photographer for the opportunity to capture the phenomenon on film.

6. Firenado

A firenado also commonly called, a fire whirl or a fire devil is what it sounds like a whirlwind composed of flame and ash in August 2018 a fire NATO tore through parts of Derbyshire England reaching a height of more than 50 feet and ripping through a plastics factory firefighters captured the catastrophe on film as it tore through the property spreading to another building and even lighting.

Some forklifts ablaze the firefighters spent a considerable amount of time tackling the fire whirl as it burned through plastic pallets that are used for making supermarket, crates it created a huge black cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles around but as destructive as the fire NATO appeared thankfully no injuries were reported.

While we were firefighting at Occupational Lane, we witnessed a fire NATO or fire were Leicester Fire and Rescue Service wrote on Facebook along with a video of the destructive phenomenon it's created as cool air enters the top of the hot air causing a swirl similar to how a tornado is formed.

The multi-agency effort to battle the blaze went on for hours with firefighters working diligently to prevent the flames from spreading to any residences, and to get the fire under control.

5. Shelf Clouds

Shelf clouds when a giant shelf cloud rolled in over Lake Superior in mid-2018 it bore an eerie resemblance to tsunami footage captured from our train Michigan shows the formation barreling toward land at the terrifying speed it's a sight sure to send most people running, but a shelf cloud is what it sounds like a cloud which sucks up water from the lake or whatever water body it's moving above growing larger and larger as it advances toward land.

Hawley Boulanger mariner the out rain resident who filmed the shocking phenomenon and posted the footage and images on social media explained that as the cloud, headed toward the shore the tide pulled back much like it would before a real tsunami she also reported that the cloud caused the previous 85 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to suddenly drop by about 20 degrees.

So we just experienced the craziest thing ever Maren jure wrote on Facebook in the distance it looked like a huge wave heading towards us so we decided to watch it come in in a situation where most people would run for cover, I'd say she's a pretty brave woman we didn't get any rain, but the wind was so strong when it hit sure you could hardly breathe she said adding that she was almost knocked over by the powerful gusts of wind.

I'm happy to report it's a very comfortable 65 degrees out, now the entire event from beginning to end lasted just ten minutes.

4. Orange Snow

Orange snow the Russian city of Sochi was perhaps best known for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics until just four years later it's snow turned orange and Sochi once again made international headlines albeit unexpectedly this time you've probably heard of yellow snow and if you have then I'm sure you know what causes it.

Orange snow is a different story thankfully besides hosting the Olympic Games in the past, so she became known for its dusty red Mars-like surrounding mountain range in 2018 when winds blew sand particles from the Sahara Desert in North Africa to Eastern Europe on its way over the dust mixed with storm and rain UK meteorologist Steven Keats told the independent adding that this resulted.

In the snows transformed hue, the sandstorm extended from North Africa to Greece before heading toward Eastern Europe and its progression was captured on NASA satellite imagery besides happening in Russia the phenomenon was witnessed in various other countries including Bulgaria Romania and Ukraine had the Sahara Desert sandstorm blown westward instead of East it may have just resulted in a Godzilla cloud like I told you about earlier.

3. Light Pillars

Sun pillars also called light pillars are vertical light shafts extending from above and are below the surface of a bright light source have you ever looked out at the sky perhaps the city's skyline at night or the Setting Sun and notice that the lights seem to spread up or down that's what this phenomenon is light pillars are caused by ice crystals.

That is drifting and suspended in the atmosphere they're often visible from the Sun or other bright lights sitting low on the horizon their height ranges between 5 and 10 degrees and some they're even taller than that as you stare at them they may change in brightness or size besides being lovely in their right light pillars are thought to be the source of some mistaken UFO sightings all they are in reality are optical illusions beautiful but nothing too out of the ordinary.

2. OMI Akan

Colder than Mars in early 2018 and Russia's extreme northern region of Yakutia Siberia, the town of OMI akan hit a shockingly low temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit below zero cold enough to freeze someone's eyelashes and colder than the planet Mars which sits at around minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

OMI ikonn is already well known as the world's northernmost inhabited town with temperatures regularly sinking to minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit on average during the winter no thanks but believe it or not even when the region dropped to minus 88 degrees two years ago this wasn't their record low at their worst temperatures have dipped to minus 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

While even trying to imagine how cold this must feel probably since chills up your spine the Yucatan's take the extreme cold and stride using unusually low temps as an opportunity to post selfies of their frosted eyelashes and discuss the way below freezing weather on social media the below 80 weather didn't even stop life from continuing as usual since after all businesses and homes are equipped with modern conveniences like heat and emergency generators. Sorry kids, but a snow day in Siberia is wishful thinking.

1. Roll Clouds Light Pillars

Roll clouds light pillars aren't the only bizarre weather phenomenon that has been mistaken for UFOs roll clouds also claim those bragging rights although there's simply a rare form of arcus cloud these strange-looking formations are low-lying horizontal and tube-shaped forming what W mc5 Action News refer to in 2018 as a rolling solitary wave in June.

That same year a distinctive impossible to ignore roll cloud formed over Memphis Tennessee sparking a widespread interest in what these bizarre ominous sites were as it turns out roll clouds are not the least bit dangerous despite their imposing presence in the sky action news broke it down for their audience following the sightings explain that there are two types of arcus clouds.

Shelf clouds and rule clouds while shelf clouds tend to form along the leading edge of a large storm called a supercell thunderstorm roll clouds sometimes form in advance of shelf clouds among an atmospheric horizontal vortex the roll cloud then sometimes detaches from the shelf cloud as the storm dissipates but continues moving to take on a rolling motion as it advances horizontally in any given direction.

Roll clouds are most common along coastal regions where there's a sea breeze or a cold front.

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