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Top 8 Most Massive Trees In The World

Today I will show you the eight biggest trees in the world. So let's start...


8. Biggest potted plant

World's biggest potted plant some things have to work their entire lives for greatness and other things have it thrust upon them by chance in the case of the world's biggest potted plant it appears that this distinction came about entirely by accident the Highgate Cemetery in London has a circle of mouse' Liam's called the circle of Lebanon which encloses an old cedar of Lebanon tree these are large trees with tall trunks and massive irregular spreading branches they hold religious significance as they are mentioned several times in the Bible.

The circle at Highgate Cemetery acts as a pot around the large cedar giving it a title it never thought it would bear the tree had been living in the area before people turned it into a cemetery by the time they began development in 1830 it had already been around for 100 to 150 years Cedars can reach 130 feet in height with a big trunk up to 8 feet in diameter.

They are usually, dark gray or blackish-brown and their first-order branches are ascending in young trees, and the second-order branches are dense, and grown a horizontal plane the crown is conical when young and becomes broader with age Solomon used cedar wood to build Jerusalem and Emperor Hadrian made them royal domain so people would stop cutting them down while it started as a cedar of Lebanon the surrounding tombs have forced it to act more like a bonsai tree with its roots.

Limited to the pot, however, in 2019, researchers discovered that the old cedar had evidence of significant decay, they're looking for a replacement right now, but until, then we can all respect the old Cedar time as the biggest potted plant in the world.

7. Widest banyan tree

The widest tree in the world we've all taken a break under the shade that a big tree provides but what if you could relax underneath the trees canopy the size of an entire city block as it turns out you can do that underneath the great banyan tree located in the acharya Jagadish Chandra botanical garden around Calcutta India.

The great banyan tree is the widest in the entire world-spanning around three and a half acres that could cover a small neighborhood the tree has been alive for over 250 years but not without its fair share of struggles in the 1800's a couple of cyclones attacked the tree and then it was struck by lightning in 1925 sparking an influx of fungus.

That forced experts to lay the banyan trees trunk to waste however the canopy of the tree remained and was able to stay alive despite all the chaos and challenges life has thrown at it in fact when officials built a road around the tree the Banyan.

Just kept on growing which it continues to do to this day from afar the tree looks like a forest unto itself but if you get closer, you can see the interconnectedness between all of its parts the great banyan tree stands as a testament to the durability of life against all the odds.

6. Biggest ginkgo Biloba tree

World's biggest Ginkgo Biloba tree, ginkgo Biloba trees have long been used in ancient medicine, but they've been around for much longer than we've been putting them to good use scientists think they've been around for almost 270 million years and if you travel out to a rural part of China its native land then you can see the biggest Genco Biloba tree in the world referred to as lychee Awan grande ginkgo king.

Some think that this tree is nearly five thousand years old from afar it looks like this tree is a bunch of little trees, but that's just because of the natural damaging and aging processes they are all connected at the roots legends abound around the history of this tree it has many incredible features including standing at 100 feet and having a circumference of roughly 50 feet.

This ginkgo also has a center that is completely hollow actually in the 70s a farmer lived in this hollow space for two years maybe a little bit of a low-key lifestyle, but serene most think that the tree will die within the next hundred years, or so but until then this ginkgo shows that can stand the test of time.

5. World's tallest living tree Hyperion

World's tallest living tree although this tree isn't the biggest one in the world overall it is the tallest redwood trees are immense ancient and powerful trees native to California that can grow up to 350 feet into the sky and have a width of about 22 feet at the base but Hyperion the tallest tree in the world.

Stands a head above all of these redwoods clocking in at three hundred and seventy-nine point one feet tall in a forest full of tall trees Hyperion finds a way to stand out just look at how it towers far above the rest incredibly Hyperion wasn't discovered until August 25th, 2006.

Even though Redwood National Park had been around since 1968, that's because Hyperion is deep inside redwood forests and it looks like scientists are trying to keep it that way its distinction as the tallest tree in the world has forced them to keep its location a confidential secret they don't want people coming in and damaging the tree which has happened in the past to be able to understand just how tall it is the National Park Service has to imagine a 35-story skyscraper that is 20 million years old.

That's how majestic and inspiring these trees are in Hyperion's case some scientists think that Hyperion could have grown even taller had it not been for a few pesky woodpeckers chewing at the top of the tree if so then the record could be even greater but why do redwoods get so tall scientists honestly don't know they need very specific conditions with the perfect longitude climate and elevation only found in a few hundred coastal miles in Northern California.

4. World's biggest Berle tree

World's biggest Berle many trees have strange tumor-like protrusions called burrows what's a burl Burl's form whenever some part of the grain of the tree has grown outward in a weird way, and this happens due to excessive cell growth most often you'll see one of these Berles in the form of a large wooded lump on the outside of a trunk.

Some Berles are small but some can get out of hand, and in the tiny town of Port McNeil British Columbia you can see the world's biggest burl for yourself the Ronning burl holds the record for the world's biggest burl, and it's nothing to shake a branch at the Ronning burl weighs around 30 tons researchers suggest and that is about 20 by 20 feet.

If you go to see it for yourself note that it is no longer on its original tree, rather it's been removed from the Sitka spruce of which it originally belonged to it must have just been too big of a burden to remain on that poor old tree you'd think that the biggest Berles would come from the biggest trees the redwoods, but for some reason that's not the case, Port McNeil was a logging town for a great deal of its history, so it is a fitting resting place for the biggest burl in the world.

That's why even the world's second-biggest, burl has its home there as well also from spruce for all tree enthusiasts this is a must-see destination for you.

3. World's most massive tree Pando

World's most massive tree organism trees are big, but groves are bigger, but it would be weird to think of a Grove as a single thing or a single organism, however, if we want to take the scientist's word for it there is a forest out there named Pando.

That is just one gigantic organism of course from above-ground Pando just looks like any other grove of trees but, if you dig a little deeper you'll see that its root systems are connected in an incredibly intricate way this makes scientists hypothesize that Pando is a forest organism in a way Pando is estimated to contain around 47,000 quaking Aspen's in total.

Each tree that composes Pando is a genetic clone of the next, and they're all connected by the same root system kind of like the immortal jellyfish quaking Aspen's tend to promulgate asexually meaning that they just sprout new Aspen's from the lateral roots if all of these trees make up one organism then Pando spans a colossal 106 acres and weighs around 6600 short tons it would be the biggest organism in the world.

If it weren't for a bunch of fungal mats in Oregon but it is the biggest in terms of mass it's estimated age is 80 thousand years old or more some estimates place it at over 1 million years old however the coming days don't look too particularly bright for Pando many of its stems died with regularity because of the lack of rain as well as the problems raised by various pests and infections because of this Hondo's root system is not regenerating itself like it used to likely due to the local deer eating too much of its surrounding foliage.

This means that pandas trees could wilt and shrink all at once in a catastrophic event, if you want to visit panda or the trembling giant it is located in the Fish Lake National Forest in Utah and you can camp there inside the ancient organism.

2. Worlds biggest rosebush Tombstone Arizona

Worlds biggest rosebush Tombstone Arizona is a treasure all on its own, it looks like it was ripped straight out of an old western movie and it has the wild west history to back, it up but the reason that tombstone is also famous is that it is home to the largest backyard rose bush in the entire world planted with cuttings from a lady Banksia Rose.

It was a gift sent from Scotland in 1885. it was first declared the world's largest rosebush in the 1930s, and since then it has just gotten bigger and bigger the rosebush itself is massive covering nine thousand square feet it's twisting Center trunk has a circumference of about twelve feet which is way bigger than your average rosebush trunk, in fact, the only way that the rosebush can stay in place is thanks to the trellis a contraption made from steel and would support beams that support its heavy branches horizontally.

The same family has owned the property since 1916, and there is a platform with steps so visitors can see the blanket of Rose blooms from above every year when the base of the rosebush a rose tree, in this case, is cleaned out it leaves a new set of white instead if you're interested you can go see this rosebush for yourself at the Rose Tree Museum and have lunch.

1. World's biggest tree General Sherman

General Sherman located in California at the famous Sequoia National Park it's so big you can't even hug it known as the giant redwood or the giant sequoia its scientific name Sequoiadendron giganteum indicates clearly what's remarkable about this tree its enormous size it has a circumference of one hundred and 2.6 feet and is estimated to be about 2,000 to 2,500 years old adding everything up scientists estimate.

That the tree has some astounding dimensions, it is around fifty-two thousand five hundred cubic feet when looking at the volume of the trunk talk about the size that would take up more than half of a swimming pool in the Olympics even when one of its branches fell that didn't strip General Sherman of its title that number comes from the wood volume of its trunk alone while General Sherman is the largest.

It's, not the tallest but General Sherman's height is no lightweight it's around 275 feet tall super tall for a tree that thick around and it's still growing every year it adds enough wood to make another 60-foot tall tree, of course, huge trees don't just pop up from nowhere they need to grow for a long time to reach their adulthood, but comparatively, General Sherman is one of the younger giant sequoias in the National Park since scientists think.

That Sherman is around 2,000 years old, it puts it at a whopping 1220 years younger than other trees, why is it called General Sherman the story goes that it was named after Civil War General William Sherman naturalist James Wolverton in 1879 had served under Sherman during the war.

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