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Top 10 Airplanes You Won't Believe Could Actually Fly

Most people think that flying on a plane is the best way to travel in style but not every plane is a rite of luxury with, so many manufacturers trying to stand out with their unique designs and styles.

Top 10 Airplanes

Some were less than attractive without further ado here are 10 planes that should not have been created aerospace line super guppy the aerospace line super guppy has just got to be the Frankenstein of aircraft it is a mix of both old parts and new customized features to create one super awkward looking plane.

The original idea for the guppy came in 1960 from a pair of aircraft salesmen named lee Lansford and jack Conroy they wanted to create a plane that could withstand the weight of unusually large cargo such as rocket parts for NASA, although NASA was not interested in Lansford and Conroy's proposal.

The two ended up convincing the aerospace program once they showed off their invention at the marshall space flight center in Huntsville Alabama thus in 1965.

The super guppy was born this plane had parts from every aircraft, you could imagine the wings were from a strat cruiser the nose wheel assembly were snatched from a Boeing 707, jet and the propellers were part of a Lockheed c-130 Hercules cargo plane, the super guppy moved both heavy cargo and commercial loads from place to place for the international space station is a program, it may not be the prettiest, but it got the job done Stipa Caproni lee Lansford and jack Conroy weren't the only ones who managed to get lucky with some experimental building in 1932.

Italian Luigi Stipa engineered a prototype for a plane unlike any other the Stipa Caproni the engine and propeller of the plane were located inside the hollow main body, making it truly a sight for sore eyes Stipa believed that by directing the prop wash through a venturi tube he could maximize the efficiency of the engine.

He sent a prototype of a plane with this concept, which he referred to as an in-tubed propeller to the air ministry somehow despite how strange the vehicle looked, they contracted Caproni aviation corporation to create the plane with elliptical shaped wings and a body created mostly from wood.

The Stipa Caproni managed to inspire future innovations despite the displeasing appearance it led to the development of jet propulsion and was even replicated by Lynette zuccoli and Aerotech Queensland in Australia in 1998.

Some consider the Stipa Caproni to be the ugliest plane ever created, others admire Luigi Stipa for being bold enough to create such an insane invention whichever side you are on we can all agree that no one wants to see another one of these hideous planes in the sky again Bennett air truck it seems like Australia is notorious for crafting some of the most unsightly planes.

Ever not only did they replicate the Stipa Caproni, but an Australian aircraft designer named Luigi Pellegrini was responsible for another atrocious plane, the Bennett air truck Pellegrini created the plane in collaboration with the owner of northern air services jack Worthington and engineer snow Bennett it was meant to replace the de Havilland tiger moth in the aerial topdressing market to help spread fertilizers over farmland using pieces from new Zealand's north.

American Harvard aircraft the prototype was made entirely of aluminum twin booms were supporting the unconnected tail units, but no rear fuselage or conventional tailplane, all in all, the Bennett air truck was not your typical airplane fortunately for bystanders, no one was forced to look at the monstrosity for too long.

After taking flight in august of 1960. the plane crashed just three years later during trials a second version of the Bennett air truck was then released a few years later, but by 1967 the plane met the same fate as the original aircraft short sc7 sky van no airplane could compete with another airplane nicknamed the flying shoebox built by an aerospace company known as the short brothers the flying shoebox is more commonly known as the short sc7 sky van the short brothers wanted to design.

A simple plane that could easily load and unload the freight what they ended up with was one of the ugliest aircraft out there the plane was built entirely of metal and the main body was shaped like a railroad boxcar construction of the sky van began in 1960, and the plane took to the sky in January of 1963 after going through a selection of different versions with various engines.

They finally switched from Turbomeca astazo to Garrett air research tpe 331, turboprops a total of 149 flying shoeboxes were made the planes were used in Argentina's dirty war and the 1982 Falkland wars the aircraft are even occasionally seen today and used for skydiving.

It looks like people would rather be jumping right out of this hideous plane than staying inside it for too long bloom and Voss Bv 141 this next aircraft is so ugly that it was never even ordered into full-scale production used during the second world war as a german reconnaissance plane the bowman Voss bv 141 is known for its asymmetrical build dr Richard Vogt wanted to create something different something unlike any military aircraft seen before the design of this vehicle was originally supposed to be symmetrical, but the starboard tailplane was later removed.

In hopes of providing a better field of view for the rear gunner in charge three prototypes of the bb-141, were released but the german air ministry is also known as the rlm was not interested they decided to pursue the focav fw 189 instead as their aircraft of choice that did not stop dr Vogt from trying again though.

After many failed attempts at vamping up the blomen Voss bv 141 to attract the german air ministry dr volt gave up a few bv141s were discovered by allied forces but all of them were completely wrecked not a single scrap of these planes can be found today.

Which we are all pretty thankful for elm 2075 falcon aesthetics never seem to be a factor when building military aircraft, and the elm 2075 proves it also known as the falcon this plane is still flown today by the Chilean and Israeli militaries despite being built back in 1958.

Out of the 500 planes crafted only 40 of them survived there is one undeniably strange feature of this vehicle that no one could miss its giant black clown nose this is where the falcon's radar system is stored known as the active electronically scanned array this allows military personnel to conduct surveillance the plane can track up to 100 targets simultaneously with a range of 230 miles.

It is all because of that hideous nose the radar system has been placed on a variety of planes chile put, one of those fat nose cones on a Boeing 707 and the Israeli military has two new 2085 aircraft with the same feature the nose is very efficient, but many are hoping engineers figure out a way to make the same system look a little less obnoxious pzl m15 before the Bennett air truck is not the only unsettling agricultural plane on this list.

The pzl m15 before was crafted by the polish aerospace manufacturer wsk pizziel militz to assist in soviet agricultural aviation you may recognize the name belfagore as an infamous demon who is known for being noisy that is pretty fitting for this plane since its jet engine made a deafening sound when the aircraft would take off.

The USSR requested that Poland creates a new agricultural plane to use on the large soviet farms they wanted something more efficient than the previously used Antonov an2 the designers released their model of the pzl m15 in 1976 at the Paris air show it quickly earned its name as the belfagour due to its unusual look.

The twin-boom biplane had an upper set and a lower set of wings connected with two columns production began in 1976 only to end four years later with a total of 175 aircraft built the belfagore earned its place in history as the world's first and only jet biplane the slowest jet and the ugliest jet ever Boeing x32 our next plane caught widespread attention fairly recently in 2000 the Boeing x32 was created for one reason and one reason only the joint strike fighter competition countries all over the world.

From the united states to turkey participate to replace their current fighter planes with stronger ones, the Boeing x32 featured a winged design that no one had ever seen before instead of a typical large delta wing the jet was made with separate ailerons.

Which was more commonly used in traditional fighter wings on top of that the plane had a sharp nose to include a radar system as well as a bubble-shaped cockpit, all in all, it was not your average fighter plane unfortunately for the Boeing x-32, it could not beat its rival the Lockheed martin x-35 demonstrator during the competition not only could the Lockheed carry more fuel and weapons compared to the Boeing x32, but it was just more appealing to the eye in 2005.

The Boeing x32 was transferred to its new home at the national museum of the united states air force where it remains today just like the Boeing x-32, the aviation traders carver had its share of losses out of the 21 that were built eight of them suffered brutal crashes the aircraft was intended to be nothing more than a large transport plane with the four radial engines to ensure maximum power.

Airline entrepreneur Freddie laker hoped that by converting a Douglas dc-4 he could help engineer a plane that could carry cars unfortunately, the project was not as successful as he planned aviation traders carver the aviation traders carver seemed like a big success at first it was not the prettiest plane in the world with a bulbous hump to accommodate a flight deck and an enlarged.

Tail it got the job done though and could store 5 cars as well as 22 passengers when one of the planes crashed in Karachi Pakistan in 1967, taking the lives of four crew members and seven people on the ground the aviation traders carver was finally seen for what it truly was an unsightly creation only three of the original 21 are alive today and most of them rarely take to the sky.

Hanley page victor this last plane might be the oddest looking one of them all the handily Paige victor was a British jet aircraft that served as a bomber during the cold war, it was the last v-bomber used by the royal air force and was created as a British nuclear deterrent the futuristic design of the victor included four turbojet engines and a highly swept t-shaped tail with a bulging chin to accommodate for targeting radar this plane was the strangest.

Looking v-bomber that the united kingdom had ever used after a little over a decade of flying, the Hanley page victor was forced into retirement once crew members found fatigue cracks on the aircraft in 1968.

The plane took its last trip into the sky in 1993 and is now located at the Cosford air museum, a selection of other handy page victors can be found across the united kingdom.

Such as in the Yorkshire air museum and the royal air force museum, the aircraft may have played a huge part in history, but everyone is probably relieved that they do not have to look at the victor anymore so, let us know what you think which one of these planes is the ugliest take a flight to the comment section and let us know if we missed one.

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